President Dr. Lori L. Sundberg

Dr. Lori L. Sundberg 

President's Message

Our society certainly has witnessed some extraordinary events this past year. The economic slowdown has impacted the entire country and we are on the cusp of a new era. As an institution of higher education, Carl Sandburg College is prepared for the days ahead and encourages you to take advantage of all that the institution has to offer and to fully appreciate your time in college. It was not so long ago that I, too, was a student at Carl Sandburg College for the second time in my life. I came to Carl Sandburg College just out of high school for a certificate in cosmetology and then again as a non-traditional student some years later on my way to a bachelor's degree. I can say that both times I was a student here, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the College. You will find some of the best professors of your college life here at Carl Sandburg College, and you will also have the opportunity to interact with them and to know them personally. Your college years are a time of learning about many things including history, politics, mathematics, the sciences, the arts, and it is also a time of self exploration and sharing of ideas. I encourage you to test the waters here at Carl Sandburg College and prepare yourself either for the world of work after graduation or for the next step in your academic career. Our staff here is willing and able to assist you with any needs you might have from financial aid to tutoring. Higher education is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to learn about ideas and concepts that will challenge you to think differently and to either get started successfully on your college career if you are a traditional-age or just-out-of-high school student, or it can be a second chance at a new life and career if you are an adult non-traditional student. Either way, we at Carl Sandburg College are proud that you see yourself at Sandburg and chose us to begin your academic journey. We look forward to joining you on that journey and seeing you through until the end. Welcome to Carl Sandburg College and good luck!


Dr. Lori L. Sundberg, President


Carl Sandburg College