Corporate Course Topics

Industrial Courses

Offered at Carl Sandburg College


Hydraulics and Pneumatics topics:

Properties and physical laws, piping requirements, and use of air and hydraulic systems
-Cylinder calculations, types, and uses
-Valves, applications, types, and uses (2 way and 3 way)
-4 way and 5-way valves and their uses
-Air compressors, positive displacement pumps
-Accessories -- reservoirs, filters, gauges, regulators, accumulators, heat exchangers, etc.


Industrial Blueprints topics:

-Reading prints & schematics -Elements of print reading
-Reading shop prints -Sketching
-Geometric dimensioning & tolerances -Building drawings
-Electronic drawings -Hydraulics & pneumatics drawings
-Welding symbols -Sheet metal basics
-Reading electronic schematic diagrams -Electrical blueprint reading
-Mechanical print reading -Blueprint reading


Industrial Safety topics:

-Working in industry/mfg.       -Importance of industry/mfg.                
-Responding to customer expectations       -Communication skills
-Production teams  -Safety organization
-Fire and electrical safety -Work area safety
-Hazardous material safety -Tool and machine safety
-Material handling safety  


Machine Tooling Fundamentals topics:

-Introduction and safety                         -Vertical mill operation, safety, & cutting tools
-End mills and their usage              -Spindles, arbors, adapters, speeds, and feeds
-Holding devices  -Selection & identification of grinding wheels
-Maintenance of grinding wheels   -Grinder attachments & operation of such  
-Milling flat surfaces, bevels, etc. -Squaring stock
-Milling grooves and key-ways. -Drilling, boring and reaming
-Cutting threads.  


Manufacturing Processes topics:

-Metallurgy & heat treat    -Basic cutting Information                 
-Numerical control                                      -Engine lathe
-Casting processes                        -Midterm
-Powdered metal processes -Punch press
-Welding, soldering, and brazing  -Plastic processing


In addition to the industrial courses listed above, please contact us for further details about electrical, welding or metallurgy courses. Call or email Stacey at 309.341.5330,