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Phizzogs is Carl Sandburg College's literary magazine published once a year and features poetry, prose, artwork, and photography from Sandburg students, as well as some pieces from Sandburg faculty and staff. 

A student staff, comprised of students enrolled in the Literary Magazine class, English 141, works together to promote the magazine and its deadlines, to go through submissions, to select award winners, and to put the magazine together.

Phizzogs 2021

Submit your entries for 2021 Phizzogs.


Phizzogs 2020

Typically, the magazine is released in the spring, in conjunction with the Spring Student Art Show. This year, we are glad to be able to share this online version of the magazine; a print version will be released when possible. 

Phizzogs 2020 cover below. Two ways to view the 2020 issue:



Kailin Cutliff

Kailin discusses her experience in Creative Writing 1:

Kailin's reading of "An Ode to My Car"

Kailin discusses her inspiration behind "An Ode to My Car" entry: 

Kailin's reading of "Justin" and "You Don't Deserve Her"

Kailin discusses her inspiration beyond "Justin" and "You Don't Deserve Her" entries: 

Kailin's reading of "A Friday"

Dominic Godsil

Dominic Godsil discusses Creative Writing 1 and his entries in Phizzogs:

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson reading "Everything is Empty"
Grace Robbins

Grace Robbins discusses her Phizzogs entry:

Kaitlyn Siebken

Kaitlyn's reading of "Shadows"

Kaitlyn's reading of "A Witch"