Darrian King, Center for Youth and Family Solutions

Alumnus Snapshot:

Darrian King

Family:  Rachel Collins (Mother), William May (Father), Linda Collins (Grandmother), Mathew Miller (Grandfather), Taliyah Keyes, Jada May, & Khloe May (Siblings).           

Education: Carl Sandburg College transfer, Bachelors of Social Work Western Illinois University

Campus Involvement: Member of Women of Character

Awards:  Black Student Achievement Award and Student Representative Appreciation Award.

Current Employer: The Center for Youth and Family Solutions


Darrian’s experience at Sandburg helped give her the skills she needed to pursue her career:

My experience at Sandburg gave me the opportunity to see that it is normal to fail, but it is what you do after you fail and that is to get back up and try it again.  My great experience at Sandburg has helped me gain time management skills and the ability to network with others.


Darrian has stayed connected with Sandburg through Women of Character and her mentor, Anthony Law:

I have stayed connected with my mentor Anthony Law. I plan to stay connected in the future to come. I am planning on working with both schools, Carl Sandburg College and Western Illinois University, to promote the Social Work program offered at WIU. 


Darrian describes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected her:

When I think of COVID 19 and all it has impacted me, I think it affected me positively. This epidemic has given the opportunity to express my creativity while working and finishing up my degree. It has given me the opportunity to become proficient at research and develop excellent time management and organizational skills. Overall, this experience with COVID 19 has given me a new experience to express in future job interviews.