Alumnus Snapshot

Kayla Glisan '14

Hometown: Monmouth, IL

Degrees Received: Associates of Science in Nursing ‘14, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University ‘17

Current Employer: OSF Healthcare at St. Francis Medical Center Peoria

Family: Spouse: Trevor; two daughters: Violet and Norah


Kayla’s experience at Sandburg helped shape her adult life during a time of transition:

Sandburg was a nice transition from high school life.  I was able to balance school, work, and a social life while still living at home and commuting.  I enjoyed taking summer classes to help decrease my workload throughout the year.  I was able to get the education I wanted for a reasonable price.  This allowed me to accomplish other goals like getting a new car, paying off other debt, and later buying a house. 

Reflecting on her time on campus, Kayla shares what she enjoyed most about Sandburg:

I really enjoyed how beautiful the campus was.  The classrooms were nice and there was always a beautiful view out the windows.  There were plenty of peaceful places to study on campus, which was very important during the nursing program.  I would sometimes study outside.  I also really enjoyed taking classes taught by Dave Burns.  I loved learning from an instructor who was really passionate about what he was teaching. 

As Illinois moves into phase 4 of reopening, Kayla reflects on how her education at Sandburg helped her prepare for these uncertain times:

I started in my current role at the end of February, so my training experience was different than it typically would be.  Staff are being educated regarding COVID19 and are screened prior to entering work.  Due to elective surgeries being cancelled, the types of patients we would care for are different than usual.  Visitor restrictions are still in place, so families are being updated over the phone.  Healthcare workers are doing their best to make up for the lack of visitors.  The Carl Sandburg nursing program helped prepare me for the unpredictability of the nursing world.  My husband has been working from home, and we haven’t seen our families in quite a while.  Although it’s been a challenge, we’ve done our best to make the best of the situation.  I would recommend Carl Sandburg College to anyone interested in nursing. 

With the countdown started for this year’s graduation on June 30th, Kayla provides advice to the newest graduates:

My advice would be to seek out opportunities you’re passionate about and bring you joy.  It’s okay to follow a different path than those around you.  Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can boost your confidence and help you grow.