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Alumnus Snapshot:


              Parents: Bob & Stormy Perryman

              Fiancé: Greg Jones

Education: A.A.; Carl Sandburg College ‘11, B.S. Communications; Bradley University, M.S. Entertainment Business; Full Sail University

Current Employer: Illinois Central College

Community Organizations: Carl Sandburg College Alumni Association

Awards received: Dean’s list, Carl Sandburg College & Global Scholar, Bradley University

When asked what impacted her the most during her time at Carl Sandburg College, Makenzie reflects on how helpful the TRIO program was in guiding her on her academic journey: TRIO SSS at Sandburg made the biggest difference for me personally as a first-generation student. They were there to help me through the process, help me find classes and ensure I got the classes I needed, they took us on trips for educational and cultural experiences some of us may not have gotten the chance to experience otherwise, were there to answer any questions we had,  and just so much more. Coming from a family who will tell you they had no idea what to do to help me in the process, TRIO SSS at Sandburg was a blessing!


Makenzie shares what her favorite part of being a student at Sandburg was: The many opportunities that were made available to students. So many kids put down community college because they don't want to miss out on the "four-year experience" and even though a community college cannot fully give you that, Carl Sandburg does a great job of still providing so many opportunities for students to get involved and stay active on campus. Between the many food days, the parties on the patio, the Halloween contest and the movie on the pond, the activities fair and so many other events that take place there is always something going on so that it is not just going to campus, go to class, then go home. It is what you make it.


Many students stay connected to Sandburg in various ways. For Makenzie, that was returning to campus as a member of staff: After graduating in 2011 from Sandburg, I searched for a job in my desired field with no luck. I decided in 2013 to go back to school and get my master’s degree. I had just graduated in June of 2015 and was getting worried I was looking at a repeat of 2013 when I found the posting for the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Marketing position at Carl Sandburg College. I knew my way around, I knew the campus, I knew some of the employees from when I was a student four years before so it just felt like the right move. Then within two or three days of applying, Robin Demott, Director of Marketing at that time, called me in for an interview and it was the next day she offered me the position. The position was a great starting point for my career as I was able to be more than just an administrative assistant. I was able to work a little in each of the areas in Sandburg's Marketing Office and gain further skills and knowledge that I would not have gotten somewhere else in that same position. I came to be project manager, back up graphic designer, office manager, etc.  I also made lifelong friends with everyone who works in the Marketing Department. During my time at Sandburg, I also met my fiance, Greg Jones, who is Sandburg’s Technology Services Specialist. So had I not taken the job I would have missed out on a lot of great things I currently have in life. Since leaving Sandburg, I now stay connected by being a part of the Alumni Board. Sandburg had done a lot for me over the years and I hope to be able to do the same in return.

When the Alumni Association decided to form a board of directors, each member had a different reason for joining. For Makenzie, it was several: I was interested in joining the Alumni Board for a couple of reasons. As I stated above, I spend two years here as a student and four years here as an employee. So, to me, Sandburg has done a lot for me and this is a chance for me to help find ways to return the favor. I also want to be more involved, join more clubs and boards that I align with and this seemed like a perfect fit.