Board Scores

Board Scores


Mortuary Science Advisory Committee


This committee is comprised of licensed funeral directors who are active in the funeral service profession. The members include:
Sandra Bingman, Esterdahl Mortuary, Ltd., Moline, Illinois
Stephanie Dieters, Dieters Funeral Home, Washington, Illinois
Todd Ettinger, Hinchliff-Pearson-West, Inc., Galesburg, Illinois
James Gilkesson, Simons Mortuary, Peoria, Illinois
Ricahrd Gygi, Lunning Chapel, Burlington, Iowa
Geoff Hurd, Hurd-Hendricks Funeral Home, Knoxville, Illinois
George Hurd, Hurd-Hendricks Funeral Home, Knoxville, Illinois
Larry Jameson, Dodsworth-Piper-Wallen Funeral Home, Inc., Macomb, Illinois
Bob Martin, Martin-Hollis Funeral Home, Bushnell, Illinois
Roland McDougald, Fletcher & MacDougald, Galesburg, Illinois
Brian Schmitz, King-Lynk Funeral Home, Inc., Ft. Madison, Iowa
Mark Thomas, Watson Funeral Home, Galesburg, Illinois
Sean Wonder, Mathews Corporation, Terre Haute, Indiana



American Board of Funeral Service Education
Carl Sandburg College
Mortuary Science Program
2400 Tom L. Wilson Blvd.
P.O. Box 1407
Galesburg, IL 61401-9576



Tim Krause, Coordinator
Last Accr./Next Accr: 2003/2010
Program Accredited by ABFSE: Associate of Applied Science
Phone: 309-345-8501
Fax: 309-341-1040


National Board Exam

National Board Exam Scores
Year # of Takers # Who Passed % Who Passed
2009 21 17 81%
  # Takers # Passed % Passed
2010 Arts 7 7 100%
2010 Science 7 7 100%
2011 Arts 20 15 75%
2011 Science 20 17 85%
2012 Arts 15 10 66.7%
2012 Science 14 13 92.9%