Haley Bolliger

Haley Bolliger
Cross Country
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GALESBURG – Haley Bolliger has come a long way.  In the spirit of cross country – Haley’s particularly favorite sport here at Sandburg – she has moved all the way from Tremont, IL to the Villas just outside Carl Sandburg College.

According to Haley, however, she still has a long way to go.

“I wanted to go to school for nursing. My mom talked to me about it, and the further I looked into it, the more I liked radiography,” she said.

Haley even job shadowed to see how radiography worked, which helped to pique her interest in the field.

“Seeing it done got me fascinated,” she said.

For Haley, it’s going to be a long track – two years of general education, two years of nursing, and then two years of radiography before she can finally graduate.

“I won’t be done until 2015!” she laughed. 

As for the meantime, Haley has cross country to keep her occupied when she isn’t hitting the books.

“Cross country was what brought me to Sandburg,” she said. “I was going to go to Illinois Central College in Peoria, but instead I came here and now I live at the Villas.”

Haley didn’t start running cross country until only very recently – she began during her senior year of high school – yet it didn’t take long to see that she was good at it.

“After I’m done with school I’ll hopefully get a job,” Bolliger laughed. “I may run on my own, but I probably won’t do any sports once I’m out of here.”

Haley said she doesn’t plan on leaving the region, as she would like to remain close to her friends and family.

As for students hoping to come to Sandburg, Haley provided some insight.

“Prepare yourself,” she said, “especially if you’re living on your own for the first time at the Villas.”