Mercedes Sazone

Mercedes Sazone in a volleyball uniform.
Dental Hygiene
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By Tag Hartman

GALESBURG – Mercedes Sazone has been playing volleyball since the third grade, and if you ask her, she doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

“I guess it seemed like something to do,” she said, “and it looked kind of fun.”

Volleyball, in fact, is what brought Mercedes to Sandburg, where she currently plays,

“My coach Todd Winkler asked me to join,” she said.

As for academics, Mercedes has set her sights on the dental hygiene program, although she has not ruled out any other possibilities.

“I’m not involved in the dental hygiene program yet,” she said of school, “but I should be doing it once I’m done with my first two years here at Sandburg.”

Although Mercedes currently expects to be entering the dental hygiene program shortly after her two years are up, she said she may instead transfer to attend a four-year university if she is offered to play.

“Volleyball is my main sport,” she said.

As for leaving her native Peoria area, she doesn’t think that would be happening anytime soon.

Here at Sandburg, Mercedes is involved with TRIO, but much of her time not spent playing volleyball is instead spent studying for psychology, business, math and English classes. She says of all her professors, Jill Johnson is her favorite.

“She can be a tough professor,” she said, “but I enjoy her.”

As for new and prospective students to Sandburg, Mercedes kept it short and simple: Take school seriously.

 “Give it your best effort, don’t slack, and try to have fun,” she said.