Those Who Can: The Work of Teaching Artists

November 02, 2018
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Campus Events
Lonnie Eugene Stewart Art Gallery, Building D

Those Who Can: The Work of Teaching Artists
Eighteen participating artists from the Central Illinois area who are current or former art teachers:

Basia Krol - Sandburg
Carla Markwart - Monmouth/Sandburg
Michael Godsil - Knox
Nikki Ponce - Sandburg
Lisa Walker - Sandburg
Stacy Lotz - Monmouth
Janis Mars Wunderlich - Monmouth
Oscar Gillespie - Bradley
Chad Ellison - GHS
Greg Leibach - GHS
Chris Dokolasa - GHS
Kendal Thompson - Costa
Bruce Walters - WIU
William Howard - WIU
Larry Davis - Florida State: Jacksonville
Tara Huizenga - ROWVA
Susan Czechowski - WIU
Jenny Knavel - WIU

Show dates:
Oct. 29-Jan. 14
Artists’ reception:
Nov. 2, 5-7 PM
Lonnie Eugene Stewart
Art Gallery, Building D

Lisa Walker