B.A.S.S. Speaker Series: Ellen McDowell

April 16, 2019
12:20 PM - 12:50 PM
Campus Events

Business & Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Guest Speaker Ellen McDowell

My name is Ellen McDowell (Parnaby) and I am a Galesburg native.  I have lived in many places in my 47 years but affectionately have always referred to Galesburg as my home. I started a personal journey about 3 ½ years ago to try and be a better me.  It all started with a walk down my country road and then “Wanderings…” began to unfold.  As the heaviness in my life began to lift, my eyes and spirit opened to nature and she has offered me the most beautiful moments that have filled my heart with a passion for life and “seeing” everything around me.  My photography is all from my phone.  My phone is my paintbrush, canvas, and clay…it is the medium that I have fallen in love with.  I don’t set out to find the perfect picture, but rather I just wander and let the moments happen. I choose happiness and hope that is what my photos convey…      

You can follow my journey on Facebook: Ellen McDowell (Parnaby), soon to be a new page called “Wanderings” and also on Instagram @ellebelles45     

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