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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal


Students who lose financial aid eligibility due to unsatisfactory grades or completion rate may submit an appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Appeals Committee.


Please Complete the appeal questions below and submit.


The Satisfactory Academic Appeals Committee will review your appeal along with your Sandburg transcript for courses completed, grades achieved and overall success.  Based on this information, the committee will determine if the student may receive financial aid for continued enrollment at Sandburg.


You may be granted reinstatement under “Academic Improvement Plan”. This option permits students additional time and financial aid eligibility to successfully complete their degree.  Student must meet with an academic advisor to review academic history and develop an Academic Improvement Plan. This should be done within the first four weeks of the term of reinstatement.


The Academic Improvement Plan requires students to meet each of the following stipulations every semester until they attain good standing.

  • Successfully complete 75% or more of semester credit hours attempted.
  • Obtain a semester GPA of 2.2 or higher.


Appeals will be reviewed within 15 days of receipt.  Students will be notified via U.S. Mail of the committee decision.  The ruling of the committee is final.  Appeals for the current semester must be received while the student is still enrolled.


Carl Sandburg College evaluates loan eligibility on a case by case basis.  Students who need loans in addition to grants should complete the loan questions in detail.  

Appeal is for:

Please explain in detail.

3. Are you in need of student loans in addition to grants during the appeal period?
6. If granted an appeal, I am willing to meet with an academic advisor to develop an Academic Improvement Plan.

We encourage you to submit documentation to verify any issues outlined in your appeal. Documentation can be emailed to:, or you may drop your documentation off at the Financial Aid Office, or mail to Financial Aid Office, Carl Sandburg College, 2400 Tom L Wilson Blvd, Galesburg, IL  61401.  Please include your name and student id on any documentation submitted.  


By clicking submit I certify that all information on this application is true and complete.