Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


Tuition Due for spring term is December 8, 2015 and Financial Aid will be applied approximately November 24, 2015

Tuition Due for summer term is May 3, 2016 and Financial Aid will be applied approximately April 19, 2016



2015-2016 Academic Year tuition amounts

In-District Student Tuition

$150 per credit hour

(Students must live in Community College District 518 30 days prior to the beginning of the term and have the intention to live here permanently in order to qualify for in-district tuition)


Out-of-District Student Tuition

$213 per credit hour
(Without home district charge-back approval 30 days before semester’s start on file in the College Admissions Office)


Out-of-State Student Tuition

$251 per credit hour


International Tuition

$251 per credit hour

International students who attend Carl Sandburg College on a temporary visa are not eligible to qualify for in-district tuition rates


Online Student Tuition

$150 per credit hour


Program Fees

PRFE1 - $5/CrHr (COS)


PRFE3 - $25/CrHr (DHG, NAD, NUP)

PRFE4 - $30/CrHr (DCS, DMS, and Private Music in the AFA degree)

PRFE5 - $150/CrHr (Private Music, not in the AFA degree)


Course Fees
FCRA1 - $50/section (AUT.101 & AUT.204)
FCRA2 - $15/section (AUT.103, AUT.105, AUT.107, AUT.201, AUT.202 & AUT.203)
FCRCO - $10/section (COS.102, COS.112 & COS.162)
FCRDH - $10/section (DHG.115, DHG.200, DHG.C112 & DHG.C220)
FCREM - $25/section (EMS.101, EMS.115, EMS.125, EMS.135, EMS.205 & EMS.215)
FCRMD - $15/section (MDA.112, MDA.115, MDA.125 & MDA.127)
FCRML - $15/section (MLT.100)
FCRNU - $100/section (NAD.105, NAD.125, NAD.180, NAD.200, NAD.210, NUA.100, NUP.105 & NUP.125)
FCRWL - $35/section (WEL.102, WEL.109, WEL.111, WEL.112, WEL.114, WEL.115, WEL.116, WEL.117, WEL.118,WEL.119, WEL.120, WEL.121, WEL.122, WEL.126 & WEL.129)




Registration Fee

TFF - $25/student per semester, Excluding: ABE/GED/ESL and Continuing Ed,


Private music courses will be assessed a music fee in the following manner:

1. Students NOT actively pursuing an AFA degree - $150 per credit hour

2. Students actively pursuing an AFA degree - $30 per credit hour

(This rate will be applied to the eight credit hours required in the AFA degree)


Tuition Waivers for Senior Citizens 65 years or over

District 518 residents 65 years of age or older are permitted to participate in credit-bearing courses at no charge for tuition (No Credit Awarded), provided there are spaces in the classes and that tuition-paying students constitute the minimum number required for enrollment in those classes. Verification of age is required by presenting an Illinois driver’s license or other appropriate documentation at the time of enrollment. Payment is required for all fees, books, and supplies.


Tuition and Fees Subject to Change

The College accepts cash, checks, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express as payment.


For information on Nelnet Business Solutions program…


Pick up a brochure in the Business Office or go online at


Failure to Pay

Students who fail to pay for their classes by the tuition payment deadline through the 100 percent refund period will be removed from the class list (please refer to the refund schedule below for the time period of your classes). You may reregister for these classes (if they are still available), but payment in full is due at the time of registration.


Drop for Non-Attendance

Non-attendance the first four days of the semester/class for 16-week courses (any courses less than 16 weeks, please refer to the refund schedule) will result in the class/classes being dropped from the student's schedule. You may reregister for these classes (if they are available and with the instructor's permission).  Please see the Registration Office for the add/withdraw form.


Refund Schedule

Tuition refunds will be issued to eligible students based upon effective date of withdrawals. The date that a written request for withdrawal is received by the Admissions and Records Office determines the effective date of withdrawal. Full refund of tuition and fees will be made if the College cancels a course.


Refunds will be determined on the basis of the following schedule:


Length of Class Refund Period* %
9-16 Weeks 1st 9 calendar days of term Thereafter 100%
5-8 Weeks 1st 5 calendar days of term
4 Weeks 1st 3 calendar days of term
2-3 Weeks 1st 2 calendar days of term
Less than
2 Weeks
Prior to Day 1

*Refund period refers to the number of calendar days beginning with the first day of the Carl Sandburg College term. Courses with shorter terms begin with the appropriate term date.


Note: Community Education courses dropped the day before class starts — 100 percent. Thereafter — 0 percent.


Important Note for Financial Aid Recipients

Students who do not attend 60 percent of the semester and who have received Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Loans) to pay tuition, fees, or other intuitional costs, will be responsible to repay part of the monies received. If you fail to repay the funds, you will not be eligible to receive federal aid at any college or university. The College follows the federal requirements for repayment of Title IV funds. For more information about Losing your Aid.


How to Receive Refund Faster

Use Direct Deposit.  It's easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Log in to mySandburg.
  2. Click on My Account under WebAdvisor for Students.
  3. Click on Sign up for Direct Deposit to enter your banking information and agree to receive your funds electronically.

​You can use any checking or savings account from any financial institution for this service.  


Obligations to the College


Students must meet all financial obligations to the College and return all materials owned by the College before they will be allowed to reregister and to receive grade reports, diplomas, certificates and transcripts. If you should have any uncollected past due balances, we may use any and all means necessary to collect this debt in accordance with the state and federal laws.


Financial Assistance

Carl Sandburg College participates in federal, state and institutional financial aid programs to assist students in meeting the costs of higher education. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, loans, scholarships and work study.