College Of Nursing Application For Admission

College Of Nursing Application For 2015-2016



*Applications accepted for admission January 1, 2015 – March 1, 2015 for ADN, PN and LPN-RN



*A $50.00 non-refundable application fee is required  to submit your application. This fee is applied toward a scholarship fund for nursing students. A $50.00 seat fee is required after you receive conditional admission.  This fee must be paid within 14 calendar days of receiving conditional admission.  The $50.00 seat  fee will be refunded or applied to your tuition if you enter the program.(All fees are to be paid to the Business Office only)



Program Applying For.

You may apply to two (2) of the following options.  You must rank your preferences (etc. 1st, 2nd ). When  the selection committee meets and it has been determined that you have met the criteria for your preference in order of ranking, you will be notified via e-mail of your conditional admission to that selection and be removed from the admission list of the other selection you have applied to.

Personal Information

Valid Email Address Required for Notification of Admission to Nursing Program


Request of information is for purposes of completing accreditation reports.

Course Information

Listed below are all the prerequisite, and courses required for all nursing programs. Please check whether you have completed the course (with a “C” or better) or are in progress.  This will assist you, your nursing advisor, and the college of nursing to expedite your application (All courses will be validated by official transcripts through the Admissions/Records Office).

On submission of  my application to the College of Nursing I acknowledge I understand the admission requirements for the program.  I accept responsibility for the completeness of my application and any additional requirements for full admission to the program. I acknowledge I will be required to register to attend an  “Informational Session” after I receive conditional admission and that full admission to the nursing program is provisional on meeting all the current requirements for admission to the nursing program. I understand that the program has selective admission.


I understand that information acquired by the program throughout my admission process (background check, drug screen, etc.) may make me ineligible for admission to the program or subject to withdrawal  from the program.