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Bright is one of the largest online job sites that unique uses a job seeker's social contacts to help turn them into a standout referral instead of just another applicant. A potential employee is able to directly apply to as many jobs as they are interested in directly from the site.  

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Just as our website name suggests, we are a free online resource for helping students and graduates find specific information and advice on how to apply online and offline to every major national company in America. Students coming to our site can search a database of over 1500 articles each tailored to a specific company they may be interested in. We have many pages about companies located specifically in Illinois. If you are looking for a specific job for instance, you can easily resource information about those companies of interest. Instead of just searching job openings, our resources allow the more aggressive job seeker to find information and advice about the specific company they want to target.


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Learn How To Become... provides detailed insight into more than 50 of today's most popular career fields, including accounting, engineering, medical assisting, nursing, firefighting, financial advising and teaching. 

Each career has its own customized "how-to" guide, which starts by addressing important questions such as 'What does a medical assistant do'? and 'What skills are needed to succeed'?  The guide then dissects each of the educational and professional steps needed to enter the field, including coursework in high school, a college degree, on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and professional exams and certifications.

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We are a free online resource helping people find specific information and advice on how to apply online and offline to major companies in the U.S. We don't require any information, or any signs up. 


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Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work Study program provides part-time employment opportunities at CSC for students who demonstrate financial need. Students who wish to be considered for the work study program must complete the institutional financial aid application (FAFSA) and any additional documents requested by the Financial Aid office. Contact the Financial Aid office to see if you are eligible and/or to get a work study application. Jobs are part-time, maximum 20 hours/week, on campus. Pay is IL minimum wage. Work study jobs are not guaranteed.