Hutchings Named Carl Sandburg College Faculty Member of the Year

  Aaron Frey
  Thursday, May 17, 2018 8:19 PM
  Campus News

Galesburg, IL

James Hutchings has been named the 2018 Carl Sandburg College Faculty Member of the Year after students and fellow faculty members nominated Hutchings for his outstanding work in the classroom. Hutchings was introduced as the winner during the 50th annual Carl Sandburg College Commencement on Thursday night at Galesburg High School.

Hutchings, who serves as associate dean of humanities and fine arts, has been an instructor at Sandburg for nine years. Though this is the first time he’s been named Faculty Member of the Year, students have nominated him for the award eight times. By being selected as Sandburg’s Faculty Member of the Year, Hutchings also is a nominee for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association Outstanding Faculty Member Award.

Hutchings, also coordinator of the College’s study abroad program, credited three of his college professors with helping him become the teacher he is today.

“I learned communication, perseverance and patience, but most of all, I learned that I had an unlimited potential as a student, as a teacher, as a person,” Hutchings said. “Upon completion of my Master of Music degree, my only desire was to be that kind of professor for another generation of students.”

Hutchings was one of the first instructors at Sandburg to begin teaching in collaborative learning classrooms, which use a relaxed setting of living room furniture and café tables instead of the traditional desks and chairs and encourage discussion and interaction among students. He also is involved with the College’s honors program, and he has seen student participation in study abroad increase 400 percent since taking over that program.

Hutchings has served on the Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Student Services committees at Sandburg as well as having served as chair of the Faculty Council and as faculty representative to the College’s Board of Trustees. He also has been involved with the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs and has been a presenter at Illinois Community College Faculty Association conferences. In 2017, Hutchings received the John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award from the League for Innovation in the Community College. 

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