Winners of 30th Annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards

  Aaron Frey
  Friday, April 26, 2019 11:55 AM
  Campus News

Galesburg, IL

Winners of the 30th annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards were honored at a ceremony Thursday evening in the Student Center on the College’s Main Campus in Galesburg.

Winners were selected in four categories: elementary (first through fifth grade), junior (sixth through eighth grade), intermediate (ninth through 12th grade) and adult. Contest winners were invited to read their poems, and all winning poems were published in a booklet distributed at the ceremony.

30th annual Carl Sandburg College Poetry Awards:
Elementary Division
1st place (tie) — Alyvia Noble (Galesburg), “Emily”
1st place (tie) — Marcelo Diaz (Galesburg), “The Perfect Place”
2nd place — Jorgiana Donald (Galesburg), “Night Time”
3rd place — Keigen Crummer (Galesburg), “Me & Basketball”
Honorable Mention — Evan Kennedy (Galesburg), “Suddenly Small, Suddenly Tall”

Junior Division
1st place — Carley Johnson (Galesburg), “It knows the pain it brings us”
2nd place (tie) — Elizabeth Wallenfelsz (Galesburg), “Fire”
2nd place (tie) — Logan Carpenter (Galesburg), “Once upon the flip of a dime”
3rd place — Mady Fell (Galesburg), “Mirror”
Honorable Mention — Vincent Ikrami (Galesburg), “Tetris”
Honorable Mention — Julia Sallee (Galesburg), “Wind”
Honorable Mention — Sam Satisky (Galesburg), “The nation can never rest”

Intermediate Division
1st place — Madison Johnson (Gilson), “The Sounds of Peaceful Nature”
2nd place — Victoria Skiles (DeLong), “Mother”
3rd place — Kyra Dunn (Maquon), “Ambiance”
Honorable Mention — Hallie Ray (Carthage), “Girl in the Moon”
Honorable Mention — Hannah Jones (Knoxville), “Across the Chasm”
Honorable Mention — Lucas Kelso (Knoxville), “Universal Sandwich”
Honorable Mention — Lucas Rask (Dahinda), “A Rancher Always Knows”

Adult Division
1st place — Thomas Strong (East Peoria), “Eulogy to a mom from a son”
2nd place — Gary M. Armstrong (Galesburg), “26 cents”
3rd place — Brooks Carver (Canton), “Last Train Out”
Honorable Mention — M.T. Gabrick (Monmouth), “Death by Winter”
Honorable Mention — Norma Fink (Carthage), “SNOW STORM ON EASTER”
Honorable Mention — Paul H. Maitland Jr. (Peoria), “Robin and I”
Honorable Mention — George Tanner (Yates City), “Together At Last”

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