Smolensky Named Carl Sandburg College Faculty Member of the Year

  Aaron Frey
  Friday, May 17, 2019 10:16 AM
  Campus News

Galesburg, IL

Marjorie Smolensky has been named the 2019 Carl Sandburg College Faculty Member of the Year after students and fellow faculty members nominated her for her outstanding work in the classroom. Smolensky was introduced as the winner during the 51st Carl Sandburg College Commencement on Thursday night at Galesburg High School.

Smolensky has been as associate professor of biology at Sandburg for more than 15 years, teaching courses such as biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy & physiology, microbiology and vertebrate zoology.

Smolensky was an adjunct instructor at Sandburg for several years before becoming a full-time faculty member in 2002. Prior to that, she taught at Kean College, Augustana College, Monmouth College and Knox College. Smolensky earned her Bachelor of Science from Kean and a Master of Science from Rutgers University. Her first job out of graduate school was doing research as an electron microscopist at the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

While at Sandburg, Smolensky has chaired the Faculty Council and served on the Tenure Committee and Technology Committee. She currently serves on the Outcomes and Assessment Committee.

Smolensky won a 2015 Innovation of the Year award from the League for Innovation in the Community College for her use of apps and smartboards to display 3D and 4D animations of the human anatomy for instruction. She also was named a 2019 winner of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award, but Smolensky considers her greatest achievement the successes of those she has taught.

“She is always there for her students,” one nomination for Smolensky read, “even if they’re no longer her students.” 

Marge Smolensky

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