Shannon Kasap

Shannon Kasap
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GALESBURG – Shannon Kasap loves it at her college.

“I like it here in Galesburg,” she said, “but I love it at Sandburg.” 

According to Kasap, attending Sandburg is an inclusive experience akin to attending a larger university elsewhere.

“Everybody here just really cares about the students.”

Kasap has travelled quite a way to attend Sandburg – all the way from LaSalle-Peru, a town about two hours northeast, halfway between Galesburg and Chicago.

“I had an older sister who played softball here,” Kasap said about her decision to attend Sandburg.  “I live in the same town as Illinois Valley Community College, a school that’s in Sandburg’s conference, and the academics here are so much harder.”

Kasap enjoys that challenge, she says, drawing from the increased difficulty she faces here at Sandburg to prepare herself for a four-year college next year.

“I’m going to Sandburg for my general education requirements,” she said. “I’m more than likely going to go to Illinois State University.”

Why ISU?

“Everybody from where I live goes there, and it has a beautiful campus,” Kasap said.

When Shannon graduates from Sandburg in the spring of 2013, however, she has plans on calling it quits with softball, choosing instead to focus on her schoolwork.

“I’m going to school to study psychology,” she explained. “I’m just good at it. Where other subjects were kind of hard for me, I just get psychology.”

For prospective students who are considering attending Sandburg from far away, Shannon had some words of advice.

“People from far away, do not go home every weekend,” she laughed. “You will never get the college experience. You will never get to meet anybody or do anything, which makes it a waste of time.”