Sandburg Foundation Exceeds Goal for Campaign to Support Nursing Student Success

GALESBURG — The Carl Sandburg College Foundation and Sandburg’s College of Nursing are thrilled to announce they have exceeded their goal in their 100 Extraordinary Women campaign.  

The campaign, which launched in March, sought to raise $100,000 through a minimum of 100 donations or pledges of $1,000. Through the generosity of alumni and community members, employees and current students, Sandburg has now reached 104% of that goal. Money raised through the campaign will go to support nursing student success. 

“The successful completion of the 100 Extraordinary Women campaign is a testament to the strong support in our community for our nursing graduates,” Sandburg President Dr. Seamus Reilly said. “This campaign celebrates current and former students in our nursing programs and provides funding for the next generation of nurses in our district. Carl Sandburg College is grateful to our donors for their incredible generosity.” 

A recognition event for participating donors will take place from 1:30-3 p.m. Sunday in the Student Center on Sandburg’s Galesburg campus. Additionally, the name of every donor or every woman honored as part of the 100 Extraordinary Women campaign will be permanently listed in the College of Nursing as part of Sandburg's new Science and Technology Center, which is scheduled to open for the 2024 fall semester.  

“We are so incredibly thankful to all of these donors for their commitment to Sandburg students and their appreciation for the roles nurses play in our lives,” said Dr. Emily Schaeffer, dean of nursing professions. “Campaigns like this are truly impactful. This will help students change their lives and their families’ lives, possibly for decades to come.” 

Proceeds from the campaign help remove educational barriers for students such as daycare costs and availability, reliable transportation and fuel prices. They also relieve the financial hardship related to the inability for students to work many hours during the program as well as the initial textbook costs and fees for stethoscopes, uniforms and clinical supplies. Commitments also assist with end-of-program costs such as board fees and fingerprinting. 

"The donations and support we’ve gained from nursing alumni, area citizens, district-wide leaders and Sandburg employees and trustees, coupled with increased funds from our Sandburg Foundation, has enabled us to allocate $30,000 per year over the next five years in nursing success grants,” said Eric Johnson, chief advancement officer for the Sandburg Foundation. “This will help impact nearly 75% of our nursing professions students. Prior to this initiative, the amounts awarded in the last five years ranged from $3,000-$9,770, assisting less than 25% of our nursing professions students. Just since the start of the current semester, our Sandburg Foundation has already awarded $16,000 to 32 nursing professions students, in $500 awards through our nursing success grants." 

While the 100 Extraordinary Women campaign goal has been met, you can still join the initiative or give in honor of an extraordinary woman by visiting Donors can make their payment in one amount, donate annually or make bimonthly gifts. Individuals may also group together to share their pledge, and anyone may give in honor or in memory of a special woman.  

For questions, more information or to donate, contact Dr. Emily Schaeffer, dean of nursing professions, at or 309.341.5253 or Eric Johnson, chief advancement officer, at or 309.341.5349.  

Founded in 1969, Carl Sandburg College Foundation is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation organized exclusively for educational purposes to assist in developing and augmenting the college's facilities and carrying out the educational functions of Illinois Community College District 518. Contributions to the Foundation expand and enhance Sandburg's programs; support students through scholarships and crisis loans/grants; and provide for the capital needs of Carl Sandburg College.  


Christine Ackman (honored by Carol Rogers)
  • Mary and Bernie Andrews
  • Azer Clinic
  • Wil Azer
  • Dianna and David Bainter
  • Stacy Bainter
  • Susan Buck
  • Molly Buckley
  • Linda Marie Butler (honored by Sharon Butler)
  • Carl Sandburg College Associate Degree of Nursing Class of 2023-24
  • Carl Sandburg College Associate Degree of Nursing Class of 2024-25
  • Carl Sandburg College Practical Nursing Class of 2023
  • Carl Sandburg College Women of Character (honored by Anthony Law)
  • Florence "Brownie" Carlin honored by (Elizabeth Carlin Metz)
  • Marjorie Cox (honored by Krista Winters)
  • Janet Kay Day (honored by Tony Day and Kelly Judy)
  • Lisa DeKezel
  • Nana Djunga (honored by the Galesburg Community Foundation)
  • G.W. Douglas (honored by Cora Lee Douglas)
  • Hazel Williamson Dunphy (honored by Darin Dunphy)
  • Nancy Eberhardt
  • Brenda and Stephen Fineberg
  • Ashley Conlon Fox (honored by Randy and Jeanne Conlon)
  • Pansy Louis French (honored by Tammi Lewis)
  • Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Pam Godsil
  • Graham Health Systems
  • LaDonna Green
  • Jennifer Hamilton (honored by Naomi Law)
  • Marge Hardine (honored by Marcia Bullis)
  • Sophie Higarida Gonzalez (honored by Irene Ponce and Vicky Toland)
  • Carrie and Matthew Hawkinson
  • Jennifer and Mark Holmes
  • Kang Hee Hong
  • Tina Hope
  • Jessica Houdyshell
  • Sue Hulett
  • Elvria Hunigan (honored by Semenya McCord)
  • Terry Jackson
  • Joyce Johnson (honored by Rev. Lee Johnson)
  • Lydia Johnson (honored by Rev. Lee Johnson)
  • Vivian Harris Keiser (honored by Gayle Keiser, Ph.D.)
  • Jeannette and Mark Kleine
  • Knox County Nursing Home
  • Doris Kowalski (honored by Marcia Bullis)
  • Georgia Wilcoxon Lane (honored by Laura Lane)
  • Cecelia Landon (honored by Gerald Landon)
  • Dylana Larson
  • Edith and Bruce Lauerman
  • Jan Lundeen
  • Jan Lundeen (honored by Penny Gold)
  • Rachel Martin
  • Elizabeth Means
  • Becky Marshall (honored by Ashley Myler)
  • Jeannine McCullough
  • Amy Medina (honored by Seminary Village) 
  • Tracey Moore-Baker and Mark Baker
  • Janet Mottaz
  • Susan Oremus
  • Delores Perez (honored by Gayla Pacheco)
  • Roberta Reeder (honored by Mary and Mike Panther)
  • Gabrielle Raley-Karlin
  • Seamus and Maeve Reilly
  • Emily Schaeffer
  • Faye Schulz
  • Katie Stone (honored by Christina Stone)
  • Jodi Sweeney
  • Jan Taylor (honored by Carol Brown)
  • Janice Taylor
  • Josie Thomas
  • Vicky Higareda Toland (honored by Vicky Toland)
  • Karen Wadle (honored by Jodi and Tom Pospeschil)
  • Naomi Wai (honored by Rev. Lee Johnson)
  • Alicia Warren (honored by Rev. Lee Johnson)
  • Debbie Welty (honored by Rev. Lee Johnson)
  • Maxine Whitcomb (honored by P. Joan Larsen)
  • Marianne Wiesen
  • Ruth Benson Wood (honored by Susan and Stephen Bailey)
  • Sandra and David Wood
  • Sara Wood
  • Kathy and Gene Woodward