Losing Aid

There are several rules that govern a student's eligibility for financial aid funds. Listed below are some of the reasons a student would lose financial aid.

  1. Enroll in ineligible courses/programs.
    1. Not all courses qualify for financial assistance.
    2. Cisco Network Associate, Computer Support Associate, Advanced Electrical Automotive, Database Associate course, and non-credit course are examples of courses that do not qualify for financial aid.
  2. Fail to attend class.
    1. Attendance is required.
    2. Aid cannot be paid for courses the student does not attend.
    3. Students are responsible for tuition and fees for the course(s) even if they fail to attend.
  3. Audit Classes.
    1. Courses taken as audits do not qualify for financial aid.
  4. Withdrawing from all courses prior to the eleventh week of the semester.
    1. May be required to repay a portion of the financial aid funds received (known as a Return of Title IV
    2. Students can avoid repayment if they remain in attendance in at least one course through the eleventh week of the semester.   The last date to attend is posted on campus.
  5. Do not complete the course(s) successfully.
    1. If the student does not maintain the minimum required GPA, or fails or withdraws from courses, they could jeopardize the opportunity to receive financial aid. (See Satisfactory Academic Progress.)