United, Monmouth-Roseville Take Titles in Academic Challenge Regional at Sandburg

  Aaron Frey
  Friday, March 6, 2020 12:05 PM
  Campus News

Galesburg, IL

United High School and Monmouth-Roseville High School won their respective divisions at the 38thannual Academic Challenge regional competition held in February at Carl Sandburg College’s Main Campus in Galesburg.

Students from Abingdon-Avon, AlWood, Bushnell-Prairie City, Farmington, Galesburg, Knoxville, Monmouth-Roseville, Rockridge, ROWVA, Spoon River Valley, United and Williamsfield were tested in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, mathematics and physics.

United won the Division 300 championship, while M-R claimed the Division 700 title. Galesburg was the only team to compete in Division 1,500. The top three finishers in each division of each category received awards, and the top two in each category advance to compete in the sectional competition March 9 at Spoon River Valley.

Organized by Eastern Illinois University, the Academic Challenge includes dozens competing high schools throughout the state, with material for the multiple-choice tests drawn from senior high school and freshman-level college curricula.

The top three finishers from each division in each subject at the regional competition were as follows:

Division 300

  1. Kennedy German (Williamsfield)
  2. Olivia Farquer (Williamsfield)
  3. Madison Walker (ROWVA)

Division 700

  1. Vincent Conlee (Knoxville)
  2. Carlos Alcala (Monmouth-Roseville)
  3. Phoebe Joy (Rockridge)

Division 1,500

  1. Abby LeClare (Galesburg)
  2. Natalie Courtney (Galesburg)
  3. Britney Schmidt (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. Catherine Fuller (United)
  2. Alec Thompson (United)
  3. Jay Anderson (AlWood)

Division 700

  1. Quincy Talivaa (Monmouth-Roseville)
  2. Clara Hofmann (Monmouth-Roseville)
  3. Jack Stevens (Farmington)

Division 1,500

  1. Jay Martin (Galesburg)
  2. Juniper Schwartzman (Galesburg)
  3. Mackenzie Edwards (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. Nathaniel Jennings (Spoon River Valley)
  2. Brayden Carlson (AlWood)
  3. Kendra Hartstirn (Spoon River Valley)

Division 700

  1. Max Hogan (Knoxville)
  2. Ben Simmons (Monmouth-Roseville)
  3. Brianna Dinnon (Rockridge)

Division 1,500

  1. Brigid Leahy (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. Dylan Klinger (Abingdon-Avon)
  2. Hayley Olson (Spoon River Valley)
  3. Blayne Bradshaw (Abingdon-Avon)

Division 700

  1. Chris Carpenter (Knoxville)
  2. Allison Serpico (Monmouth-Roseville)
  3. Evelyn Blackford (Monmouth-Roseville)

Division 1,500

  1. Heaven Edwards (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. Audrey Tarochione (Spoon River Valley)
  2. Catherine Fuller (United)
  3. Halee Hendel (Abingdon-Avon)

Division 700

  1. Kit Hopkins (Knoxville)
  2. Evelyn Blackford (Monmouth-Roseville)
  3. Hannah Jones (Knoxville)

Division 1,500

  1. Britney Schmidt (Galesburg)
  2. Jay Martine (Galesburg)
  3. Natalie Courtney (Galesburg)

Honorable mention — Mackenzie Edwards (Galseburg)

Division 300

  1. Alec Thompson (United)
  2. Quinton McVey (United)
  3. Cade Whitsitt (United)

Division 700

  1. Colby Rossman (Knoxville)
  2. Gabe Benson (Farmington)
  3. Carlos Acala (Monmouth-Roseville)

Honorable mention — Quincy Talivaa (Monmouth-Roseville)

Division 1,500

  1. Camellia Schwartzman (Galesburg)
  2. Juniper Schwartzman (Galesburg)
  3. Emma Koval (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. Cade Whitsitt (United)
  2. Andrew Fuller (United)
  3. DJ Cain (ROWVA)

Division 700

  1. Chris Carpenter (Knoxville)
  2. Carter Gawley (Rockridge)
  3. Kit Hopkins (Knoxville)

Division 1,500

  1. Camellia Schwartzman (Galesburg)
  2. Heaven Edwards (Galesburg)
  3. Emma Koval (Galesburg)

Honorable mention — Brigid Leahy (Galesburg)

Division 300

  1. United
  2. Williamsfield
  3. Spoon River Valley

Division 700

  1. Monmouth-Roseville
  2. Knoxville
  3. Farmington

Division 1,500

  1. Galesburg

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