Acceptable Use Policy

User access and responsibility 

Access to the college's computer system will be accomplished through the establishment of computer-use accounts accessed by means of a password, which is not transferable. These accounts, issued to the individual (college personnel, students and other authorized persons), are intended for the sole use of that individual, and the owner is responsible for all usage on their assigned account. 


Unacceptable usage 

The following are examples of behavior that is unethical and/or not acceptable, and, in some cases, may violate local, state or federal law: 

  • Altering or damaging system software or hardware configurations 
  • Accessing another individual's account, private files or email without permission of the owner 
  • Accessing or altering college personnel, financial or student files without appropriate authorization 
  • Misrepresentation of one's identity or password in electronic communication 
  • Violation of copyright and/or software agreements 
  • Violation of rules or codes set by services subscribed to by the college 
  • Using computing resources to threaten or harass others 
  • Using the college systems for commercial or profit-making purposes without written authorization from the college administration 
  • Disobeying lab and/or system policies, procedures and protocol (e.g., time limits on workstation usage) 
  • Plagiarizing of computer programs or parts thereof, or written materials without authorization or proper notation 
  • Copying subroutines or text materials without authorization 
  • Using the network to gain unauthorized access to any other computer system or network 
  • Introducing viruses or other contaminating strategies to the college or other computer systems or networks through the college-wide computer network 
  • Hacking — this includes but is not limited to cracking passwords, intentionally crashing the system, forging email, and accessing system files or other people's private files for which the user has not been specifically granted access 
  • Attempting to circumvent data-protection schemes or uncovering security loopholes; this includes possessing, creating, and/or running programs designed to identify security loopholes or decrypt security data 
  • Using Carl Sandburg College information technology for any illegal or unlawful purpose 
  • Using profanity obscenity or fighting words 
  • Accessing pornographic websites 
  • Use of cloud-based storage or sites not sanctioned for use by the college


Violations of this policy, including any appendices, shall be cause for discipline. Alleged violations of this policy shall be subject to the college's existing disciplinary procedures. Carl Sandburg College treats access and usage violations of computing facilities, equipment, software, information resources, networks or privileges seriously. Unauthorized or improper use will lead to the possible revocation of their user's access. The college may also require restitution for any use which is in violation of the usage guidelines. Carl Sandburg College will pursue criminal and civil prosecution of violators when appropriate. 



Users should recognize the limitation of the privacy of electronic documents. The college cannot guarantee the privacy of any accounts. All users should be aware that system operators have access to all accounts. Violation of this policy grants the operator of the system the right to review a user's usage and waives all rights of privacy the user (including students, faculty, staff) may claim or may have. The college retains the right to release the names of users to appropriate authorities in accordance with college procedures. 



The college makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for the service, it is providing. The college will not be responsible for any damages you suffer. This includes the loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or errors or omissions. The use of any information you obtain over the Internet through the college's computer system is at your own risk. The college specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy, quality, or content of information obtained through the internet accessed through the college's computer system. 

All individuals using the institution's computer system will sign a statement indicating they have read, is aware of, and will adhere to the college's Acceptable Use Policy for its computer system.