Alumnus Snapshot:

Name: Kassidy St. Clair

Hometown: Cuba, IL (I now reside in Canton, IL)

Degrees Received: Associates of Science (Carl Sandburg) Bachelors of Business Administration with a Concentration in Management (SIUE)

Current Employer: Carl Sandburg College

Community organizations: Delta Sigma Pi is a professional organization I am a member for life. I am also looking forward to getting to know the Sandburg community better with plans to become more involved soon.

Family: Parents: Eric and Kathy St. Clair; Sister: Kourtney; Fiancee: Seth Klinedinst 

We are delighted to welcome Kassidy to the Foundation team as the new Coordinator of Scholarships and Donor Relations. Kassidy's experience as a student, athlete and alum will bring great energy and enthusiasm to the Foundation team. Please join us in welcoming Kassidy. 

How was your Sandburg Experience impactful? Please provide (at least) one example of how your experience on campus changed the trajectory of your life.

One thing I always appreciated from Carl Sandburg was the ability to have faculty at your fingertips. With the class sizes being so small, you never felt like you were just a name on the professor’s roster. They cared about how you were doing. This is one of the benefits of attending a community college. I wanted that to continue and decided to attend a university that was similar, one that I wouldn't feel invisible. Choosing SIUE was a seamless transition and put me on the path I believe I was meant to go down.

What is your favorite memory of your time on campus?

I would have to say my all-time favorite memory was when we put on our trivia night in Alexis to raise funds for the softball team to go to Florida for our tournaments. There was a snow storm that night, and most of us were following the sophomores back to campus because we did not know the way. I was driving and was not super comfortable with driving in the heavy snow. I was driving too slow to keep up with the girls leading, and we got lost out in the back roads coming back to Galesburg. It was a little scary! We had to pull off to call the older girls, and figure out how to get back.

How have you stayed connected to Sandburg? If not, how do you hope to do so in the future?

I have always kept in touch with Carl Sandburg on social media. Now that I am a member of the team I hope that I can contribute great things in the years to come.

Individuals apply to Sandburg for jobs for a multitude of reasons. What was your main reason for wanting to come back to Sandburg as an employee?

I always had my eye on employment opportunities at Carl Sandburg. For me, Carl Sandburg was a place I found community, friendship, and a place that supports your dreams. In my new position, I hope to make students feel as I did when I was a student.

I knew that the professional side of the college would mirror those aspects for me. The culture at Carl Sandburg is something you don’t find everywhere you look for employment. I see many of the same faculty and staff walking these halls as I did when I was a student. It is an awesome thing!