Kevwe Akpore, Carl Sandburg College, Adjunct Faculty and Head Soccer Coach


Alumnus Snapshot:

Name: Kevwe Akpore

Hometown: Galesburg, Illinois

Degrees Received: Associates in Arts

Current Employer: Carl Sandburg College

Community organizations: FC Galesburg (Futbal Club)

Family: Akpore Family



The Sandburg Experience is impactful for students in many ways. How did your time as a student at Sandburg change the trajectory of your life?

My experience at Carl Sandburg College was instrumental in understanding the expectations of college. There were quite a few professors who made the experience inspiring. My apologies if I left out a couple: professors such Larry Schroeder, Bob Johnson, Wendel Hunigan, Jim Graham, Gene Nally, Fred Visel to name a few. Their professionalism and student advocacy were sure motivating in getting through my programs of study not to mention future profession in coaching soccer, a career in Law Enforcement and the military. It is that kind of student advocacy that makes a community college a success.

What is your favorite memory of your time on campus as a student?

My memory on campus was sort of a blur. At times I was working 2 jobs, a member of the Illinois National guard, not to mention raising a young family at the time. In addition, if I remember correctly, I was taking more than full load in each semester. I do have memory of taking naps between classes in the students’ lounge. It was a fast pace experience for me.

The impact Sandburg makes lasts a lifetime, but staying connected because of a busy life is difficult. How have you stayed connected to Sandburg?

I have always had a home in Galesburg. Even while I worked or transferred to various locations, Galesburg was always home.

You have had a great and diverse career experience. What led you back to Sandburg for your next step?

Dave Kellogg and I were employed by the Illinois Department of Corrections years earlier. Upon my retirement after working some 27 years with the State of Illinois, Dave reached out to me and asked if I was interested in being an adjunct professor at Sandburg. He said my experience will go a long way in the Criminal Justice Program, so I took him up on it.

Shortly after resumption as an adjunct professor at Sandburg, there was need for a soccer coach for the soccer team, and I am currently coaching the team.


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