Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President to organize the management of the College. The present structure of management consists of two major administrative units: Academic Services and Student Services. Each unit is directed by a Vice President who implements organizational values and serves as liaison between the President and the staff of the unit. The President and the Vice Presidents form the President´s Cabinet.

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For information contact:

Lisa Zucco, Secretary to the Board of Trustees (309) 341-5213


Board of Trustees

Community College District 518

   Sandra Wood                                    

  Sandra L. Wood            Lee E. Johnson               Thomas H.              Gayla J. Pacheco

    Chairperson              Vice Chairperson             Colclasure                   Galesburg

     Galesburg                     Galesburg                     Secretary                    Elected 2009

   Elected 2011                Elected 2013                   Galesburg

                                                                                  Elected 1985            


   William C. Robinson                         

       William C.                        Bruce A.                   Skye Swearingen

       Robinson                         Lauerman                  Student Trustee

      Galesburg                        Galesburg                   Galesburg 2016

    Elected 2005                                                       Elected 2009