female student conducting a campus visit.

Steps to enroll for dual-credit students

Follow these three easy steps to enroll, and ask questions any time by emailing the Welcome Center or calling 309.345.3500. You can also come visit campus during one of our Explore Sandburg open houses or schedule a campus visit.


1. Submit your application.

2. Take your placement test via Accuplacer.

  • Each course has set reading levels a student must show aptitude in, through testing (Accuplacer) before placement in the course.
  • For more information on where to take placement testing, test dates and how to study for the testing, visit the Testing Center webpage.

3. Register for your classes.

  • Carl Sandburg College staff works with your high school counselor to facilitate registration.
  • You should meet with your high school counselor and a your dual-credit coordinator to begin the registration process.

If you have any questions, email the Welcome Center, or call 309.345.3500.