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mySANDBURG gives you access to a wide variety of information and services through a single web interface that you can personalize to meet your needs. Content and services are specific to you and reflect your roles within the college.

mySANDBURG is your link to what's happening, your source for college news and announcements, and your starting point for access to online tools such as email, the Moodle learning system, WebAdvisor, your calendar and other resources. Make the most of your web experience by logging on to mySANDBURG today.

Login instructions

Your initial password is the last six digits of your Social Security Number. To reset your mySandburg password, link to the password reset tool.


  • Your username is your first initial, last name and last four digits of your student ID. If you are James Doe, and your student ID is #7654321, your username would be:

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For those students who applied before July 6, 2015, your username is your first initial, middle initial, last name, month and day of birth. So, if you are James Michael Doe, and you were born on May 20, 1985, your username would be:


  • Your username is the first letter of your first name and your full last name. If you are James Doe, your username would be

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If you need assistance regarding mySANDBURG or any other technology-related issues, contact the Tech Help Desk at 309.341.5446 or