Students in the Makerspace working on a group project.

The Sandburg Makerspace is open during regular library hours and is available for staff, students, faculty and the general public. 

Need to use the space for class sessions, group activities, or personal projects? Contact library staff to place an inquiry. Please provide as many details as possible about your plans and anticipated attendance so we can best accommodate your needs. 

Available options

  • 3D Printing
  • Laser cutter
    • Size of material can be up to 12x20 inches, and no taller than 2 inches. 
    • Bring your own materials and print for free.
    • Some scrap materials are available.
  • Silhouette printing
    • Use the computer next to the Silhouette for access to the printer's software — no login required.
    • Refer to the Silhouette manual.
  • Collaborative tables, walls desks
  • Poster and craft supplies
  • Teacher's station with projector, screen and whiteboard available for presentations.

 Benefits from using the room and resources

  • Create visual aids for presentations.
  • Use final products in the classroom or office space.
  • Hands-on learning
  • Test out theories and strategies.
  • Meeting space for clubs, committees, working groups, etc.

Please consult with library staff before using Makerspace equipment for the first time. For questions about materials, projects, design ideas, etc., please contact library staff using the information provided below, or use the chat feature in the bottom, right corner of this page.

Call: 309.341.5257
Text: 309.785.1596