Online vs. Lecture

Sandburg's online courses offer the same high-quality instruction as their equivalent on-campus counterparts. Students receive instruction, assignments and quizzes via an online course-management system. Your studies can be done at home or on any computer when it's convenient for you.

Although online courses allow for self-paced instruction, regular participation and timely assignment completion is expected just like in traditional lecture courses. Likewise, the interaction between instructors and students is also part of the online learning format. Some courses have specific assignment deadlines; whereas, others may offer more freedom in the timing of assignment completion.

Faculty have the freedom to design courses with their own creative flair. Therefore, while meeting the educational objectives of their specific course discipline, each course may have a somewhat different structure or flavor. There may or may not be required campus visits. Some courses are structured completely online, whereas some may require proctored exams. Out-of-district students may arrange to have tests proctored at their local community college or at another pre-approved testing site. Students can schedule on-campus face-to-face meetings or phone conferences with instructors as needed.