There is more than one way to transfer. Choose the transfer option that fits you best by working closely with your academic advisor to explore majors and admission requirements. 

Earn an associate degree

Complete an associate degree, and arrive at your transfer school prepared for junior-level coursework. Advisors can help you select courses that meet the requirements for your major at your transfer school.

If you're a few courses short of your associate degree before your transfer from Sandburg, please see the reverse transfer section below.  

Complete the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC)

If you don't plan to remain at Sandburg long enough to complete an associate degree, you can consider completing the IAI GECC, a set of general education courses that meets lower-division general education requirements at more than 100 public and private two-year and four-year institutions in Illinois. Some out-of-state institutions also accept the IAI GECC as meeting their general education requirements. 


IAI GECC/Sandburg courses

Why transfer in Illinois 

Take selected courses required by your transfer school

This option is useful when you have a specialized major, choose a non-IAI participating school or plan to transfer beyond Illinois. Work closely with your advisor and transfer school. 

Transfer guides & equivalencies

TransferologyTransferology is a nationwide network that helps you explore your college transfer options. It can save you time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way to get your college transfer credit questions answered.

Transferring to Carl Sandburg College

Carl Sandburg College welcomes students from other colleges and universities. View our admission information

Reverse transfer 

Students who transfer to a four-year institution prior to graduating may consider the reverse transfer option to obtain their degree. If you've completed at least 15 credit hours towards a degree, you may transfer credits from other institutions to meet Sandburg degree requirements. Once all degree requirements are met and confirmed by Sandburg's registrar, the degree will be awarded.

For more information about reverse transfer, please contact Angela Snow at or call 309.341.5233.