Application for Art Scholarship


Call Lisa Walker at 309 341 5303 to make an appointment for an appointment.
Bring the following with you for the interview.

  •  Two letters of recommendation.  One must be from your art teacher and one from another teacher or a counselor.
  •  Your transcripts or other proof of your GPA.
  •  A written statement or essay about you, your interests, and your art.
  •  A portfolio of at least ten examples of your artwork.

I understand that, should I be selected for this scholarship:
As a first-year student, I am only eligible to receive a half scholarship.
My scholarship is for one year only. Should I want a second year on scholarship, I must reapply.
I will be required to maintain a 2.0 overall GPA to remain eligible.
I will be required to spend ten hours a week working on projects or tasks in the department, as assigned.  These may include assisting in the gallery, working with the collection, participating in Art Club meetings and activities, or working in the studio cleaning or maintaining equipment.
I can lose my scholarship for failure to comply with these requirements.
If I reapply for a second-year scholarship, I may request consideration for either a half or a full-tuition scholarship.
I will only be considered to receive a full-time scholarship second year if my first-year work record is strong and I have been a willing participant in department chores and activities.
As a second-year full-tuition scholarship student, I would be subject to all the above requirements except that I would be required to commit to twenty hours of work a week.