Talent Scholarships and Athletic Talent Scholarships

Talent Scholarships and Athletic Talent Scholarships are available to students with exceptional talent in the areas of academic achievement, creative writing, music, journalism, theatre, art, or athletics. Students may receive a scholarship waiving tuition for up to 18 credit hours per semester. Interested students should contact the Student Services Office for details at 309.345.3500.


To apply for a Talent Scholarship:

  1. Complete the appropriate Talent Scholarship application below. 
  2. US Citizens and eligible non-citizens are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA®). You will have to fill out the FAFSA form every year you’re in school in order to stay eligible for Talent Scholarships/Athletic Talent Scholarships.


Creative Writing


Athletic Talent Scholarship

The Sandburg Athletic Scholarships are distributed annually at the recommendation of the athletic director. The recruiting of in-district students is the expressed preference of the Carl Sandburg College district. A minimum of 70 percent of Athletic Scholarships are to be awarded to students who reside within the Arrowhead Conference. Athletic Scholarship applications are available from each specific sport coach or by calling 309.341.5225.


There are now 12 Scholarships for Baseball; 9.5 for Men's Basketball; 9.5 for Women's Basketball; four grants for Men's Cross Country; four grants for Women's Cross Country; five for Men's Golf; five for Women's Golf; 11 for Men's Soccer; 11 for Women's Soccer; 12 for Softball; and seven Scholarship for Volleyball — bringing the total number of Athletic Scholarships to 90.5. The number of grants per sport is now equal to the average awarded by our conference counterparts.



  • Minimum enrollment is 12 credit hours Fall and Spring semester
  • Minimum cumulative GPA is 2.0
  • Talent Scholarships recipients are selected by a committee from the Student Services Division.  Athletic Talent Scholarships are recommended by Coach.
  • Athletic Talent Scholarships must meet NJCAA eligibility each semester for payment.
  • Renewal for a second year is at the discretion of the awarding committee.



  • An estimated payment will show on the students bill following registration. Talent Scholarships are applied to the students account approximately two weeks prior to the tuition deadline.    
  • Talent Scholarships will pay for tuition for 12 - 18 credits fall and spring semester.  Talent Scholarships are NOT generally available for Summer enrollment.
  • Talent Scholarships are applied to the student’s tuition after Illinois MAP Grant, Illinois Veteran's Grant and Illinois National Guard.