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Associate in Fine Arts

Sandburg offers an Associate in Fine Arts degree for students who are interested in transferring to complete a bachelor's degree in art. Because Sandburg has individual learning as its number one priority, we offer student-centered classes, faculty, and programs that provide the academic skills needed for successful transfer to other institutions.

All Sandburg students will work with an assigned academic advisor to determine the degree path and establish courses needed for transfer. 


Estimated Costs for the AFA degree

Sample Cost of Attendance 


To apply for financial aid, visit our financial aid page for more information.


Thanks to our generous donors, Carl Sandburg College Foundation is able to award over $100,000 each year in scholarship dollars to Sandburg students. High school, adult learners, and returning students - everyone is eligible to apply. Apply between October 1 and March 15 for the upcoming year. We encourage all students to apply. 

Class formats

Sandburg offers courses in a variety of formats to best fit the needs of our students. To determine the formats for specific courses, please refer to our course schedule.

Regardless of the course format, it is highly recommended that students have access to a reliable computer with broadband internet. All courses use online resources and require students to access course information through mySandburg. Accessing courses through a phone is discouraged. Both campuses have open computer labs for student use.

Click here for a list of the class formats.


The Carl Sandburg College Art Club is an art interest-oriented group dedicated to express, enhance, and explore the talent of its members.  It is a blank canvas and is completely open to member’s interpretation and imaginative expertise. It promises to remain a relaxed, open, and stimulating environment where club members bond through a common interest. 

Advisor: Lisa Walker, 309.341.5303 or

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