How to apply for financial aid:

  1. Apply for admission to Carl Sandburg College. Online Application
  2. Create an FSA ID for the student and parent (if dependent) to sign your application. 
    1. Create an FSA ID
    2. The following video explains the requirements to set up an FSA ID. Instructional Video – How to Create an FSA ID.
  3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) or the Illinois Financial Aid Alternative Application, if applicable.
    1. Sandburg's Federal School code is 007265 at 
    2. The FAFSA® is used to award federal, state and some institutional aid.
    3. Sandburg offers free one-on-one assistance for completing your FAFSA®, you may sign up here.
  4. Monitor your Financial Aid status at mySandburg/Self-Service Menu/MyFinancialAid/Financial Aid Self Service and your Sandburg email account. 
  5. Complete and upload to the Financial Aid Office any Required Documents on My Financial Aid.
  6. Continue to monitor your mySandburg account for additional requests. Once processing is complete, we will notify you via your Sandburg email account and post your offer letter on Financial Aid Self Service.
  7. After your offer letter has been posted, you may apply for a student loan. To apply for a loan, complete the three steps found under 'Apply for Federal Student Loan.'
  8. Apply for scholarships. Visit our Programs & Scholarships webpage for opportunities.
  9. Reapply annually, starting Oct 1 for FAFSA® and Sandburg scholarships.

Illinois Financial Aid (Alternative Application)

The Alternative Application is for state aid only, providing a pathway to apply for Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants for qualifying undocumented students and for transgender students who are not eligible for federal financial aid because they did not register for selective service. Most students in Illinois will continue to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), rather than the Alternative Application, to simultaneously apply for federal, state and institutional aid, including MAP grants. To receive a MAP grant, all students, whether completing the FAFSA® or the Alternative Application, must still meet the eligibility criteria of the MAP program itself.

For more information, we invite you to view this quick video available in English and Spanish. ISAC provides free assistance to students and families, in English or Spanish, to complete the FAFSA® or the Alternative Application; students can contact ISAC's Call Center at 800.899.ISAC 2 (4722).

When to Apply for Financial Aid


  • Apply between October 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023
  • Use Income from 2020
  • Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023



  • Apply between October 1, 2022, through June 30, 2024
  • Use Income from 2021
  • Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024


Tuition & Fees are due approximately three weeks before each semester. If financial aid eligibility has not been determined by the tuition due date, students are responsible for:

How to Transfer Financial Aid to Sandburg

Financial aid does not automatically transfer between institutions. Transfer students who did not initially include Sandburg on the FAFSA® will need to:

  1. Visit®
    1. Select "Returning User, Login"
  2. Select "I am a student and want to access the FAFSA® form."
  3. Ensure the appropriate FAFSA year is selected.
  4. Scroll down, and select "Add or Change Schools."
  5. Add Sandburg's School Code: 007265
  6. Resubmit the FAFSA®

We will receive your information in approximately seven business days, and processing can take up to three weeks. Please follow the steps above, under "How to Apply for Financial Aid" starting with line 5. 


Special Conditions: Loss of Income or Change of Circumstances That Affect Your Ability to Pay?

Some families experience a change in their circumstances that impacts their ability to pay college expenses. If you and/or your parents, if dependent, experience a:

  • Loss of job or benefits
  • A death or divorce
  • Large medical expenses
  • A one-time, non-recurring income shown on the tax return used to file the FAFSA
You may qualify for a recalculation of your eligibility. Special Conditions applications may be submitted after April 1, and after the student has been awarded or denied federal student aid based on the original application. Special Conditions may increase your eligibility for federal aid and in some situations the Illinois MAP Grant. Please go to the Financial Aid Forms page or contact the Financial Aid Office for a Special Conditions application.

Additional Resources - Applying for Financial Aid



Financial Aid Office
Location: Main Campus E101
Phone: 309.341.5283