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For more information about Student Government Association (SGA) please contact our Student Life Coordinator, Genny Stevens at 309.341.5332 or


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About SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the officially recognized student governance body for Carl Sandburg College. SGA is composed of no more than 15 elected senators and five executive officers. Elections are held each fall. SGA serves as a liaison between the student body and the College, governs student organizations, and assists with the Office of Student Life events. View the SGA Constitution.

SGA Executive Board

The SGA Executive Board consists of five elected officers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Student Trustee
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
The Student Trustee is elected in April serving a one-year term while the other officers are elected in September, serving the nine-month academic year.


2020-2021 Elections

SGA will be holding 2020-2021 general elections for their officer positions using an online application and online voting processes. Below are the SGA officer positions and when elections will take place:

President - April 2020

Vice President - September 2020

Secretary - April 2020

Treasurer - September 2020

Student Trustee - April 2020 (This officer has a separate election process. For more information contact the SGA Advisor at


How to Apply for Candidacy

Students interested in running for an officer position must complete a candidate application and submit a video of yourself answering the questions outlined on the application.

Interested candidates should:

  • Be enrolled in at least six Sandburg credit classes for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with Sandburg.

Candidate videos should:

  • Include your name, year in school, degree and your involvement on campus/in the community.
  • Answer the questions outlined on the application to the best of your ability.
  • Be professional.
  • Be less than three minutes.
  • Be appropriate for online posting for students to view.

Both the application and video are due back to the SGA Advisor by Friday, April 17, 2020.

SGA Officer Candidate Information (Please read!)

SGA Officer Candidacy Application


April 2020 Elections

Candidate videos and online voting will open for campus viewing on Monday, April 20 and close on Thursday, April 30, 2020. Visit the 2020-2021 SGA Elections tab to view all candidate profiles and locate the voting link.

Candidates are welcome to share the election and their candidacy on personal social media but are not permitted to post on any official Sandburg social media pages. Any and all campaigning should be appropriate and professional; any negative or slandering of other candidates will not be tolerated. Inappropriate campaigning will result in the forfeiture of the candidate from the election.


2019-2020 Officers

  • Robert Wolford, President
  • Lindsey Nelson, Vice President
  • Olivia Bishop, Student Trustee
  • Lexi Murphy, Secretary
  • Mary Howard, Treasurer

Past Officers

Zana Danner, President
Violet Fields, Vice President (FA18)
Charles Austin, Vice President (SP19)
Robert Wolford, Student Trustee
Lexi Murphy, Secretary
Tucker Palmgren, Treasurer

June Detrick, President
Violet Fields, Vice President
Donyae Payton, Student Trustee
Krista Rose, Secretary
Robert Wolford, Treasurer

Melissa Paris, President
Braden Myler, Vice President
Skye Swearingen, Student Trustee
Ryan Rutledge, Secretary/Treasurer

Ryan Rutledge, President
Skye Swearingen, Vice President
Student Trustee, Mia Ismal
Amber Connour, Secretary
Ryshika Parker, Treasurer

Emily Schoonover, President
Rylie Yoho, Vice President
Blas Nache, Student Trustee
Ashley Schmidt, Secretary
Kassidy St. Clair, Treasurer

Hayley Mills, President
Alexandra Strom, Vice President
Tanner Nygard, Student Trustee
Shakisha Grays, Secretary
Jessica Riden, Treasurer

Joel Kouakou, President
Lisa Zucco, Vice President
Rachel Grzela, Student Trustee
Heather Nagle, Secretary
Mike Nache, Treasurer

Student Trustee


The Position

By law, colleges are required to have student representation on the Board of Trustees governing the institution. This position, Student Trustee, is not only important to administration but also to the students.

The Student Trustee position requires a strong commitment of time and energy on the part of the student. It is the most unique experience a student can have at the community college and could possibly be the most rewarding.


Term of Office

The Board of Trustees is comprised of seven trustees elected at large from Community College District 518. An eighth trustee is the student trustee elected by the student body, who has an advisory vote. Trustees serve six-year terms on a rotating basis. Student trustees are elected annually and seated in April.

The student trustee will serve a term of office of one year beginning in April. The student must be able to fulfill the year-long term.


  • Attend the Board of Trustee meetings held once a month, in addition to two to three possible other meetings, which could be scheduled within one month.
  • Develop a Student Trustee report to present at Board of Trustee meetings to share information on behalf of the student body. This report will keep the Board apprised of issues and events occurring within the student community.
  • Reading many college documents, discussing recommendations on the operation of the college.
  • Serving on Student Government and attending weekly meetings to report on issues relating to the student population from the Board of Trustees.
  • Meeting regularly with the Coordinator of Student Life and others upon request.
  • Attending regional, state and national meetings as the student representative for Sandburg with the Illinois Community College Board Student Advisory Committee (ICCB-SAC).
  • Working with Student Government to keep students in the communication loop about things happening at Sandburg.
  • Working with Student Government to promote the role of Student Trustee and seek interested replacements for the position before the term ends.
  • Participating in the Spring Commencement Ceremony (held in May) as part of the stage party.


  • The student must have earned nine college credit hours at Sandburg and must be enrolled for six or more hours each semester of their term.
  • The student must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.
  • The student must be in good standing as defined by the current Student Code of Conduct.
  • The student can not have any Student Code of Conduct violations.


Selection Process for Student Trustee
  • Students interested in this position can be nominated by a Sandburg staff or faculty member or apply directly for the position.
  • The interested student will submit A Declaration of Candidacy Packet, which includes an application, a short essay, a letter of recommendation from current staff or faculty member, and a resume.
  • All students who have successfully submitted their Declaration of Candidacy Packet by the posted deadline will be officially listed on the ballot for the election.
  • The election will run for a duration of one week in early April. A public forum will be held before the election begins for candidates to announce their intent to run and share with the student community why they wish to serve as student trustee.
  • Candidates will be given an election petition on the first day of the election with which they must collect at least 50 unique signatures of currently enrolled Sandburg students. All election petitions are due back to the Office of Student Life by 4 p.m. on the final day of the election.
  • Candidates may campaign through the end of the election. Candidates may use personal social media sites for promotion. Candidates may not post or comment on their candidacy on the official Carl Sandburg College social media sites or website. Candidates may create flyers or promotional materials to post on campus, but must get them approved through Marketing before posting. Campaigning must remain clean, fair and not used as a means to attack another opponent. Slander, defamation of character or any other kind of bad-mouthing of another candidate will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for forfeiture of candidacy and removal from the election.
  • Selection of the Student Trustee will occur after the petitions have been tabulated and it has been determined one candidate has collected the most unique signatures from the student community.



March 1: Declaration of Candidacy Packets open/available

March 30: Declaration of Candidacy Packets due

March 31: Mandatory Student Trustee candidate meeting

April 3 or 4: Public forum of Student Trustee candidates

April 5-12: Student Trustee election

April 15: Student Trustee term begins

*Dates subject to change depending on the academic calendar.


Current Student Trustee

2021-2022 - Brittany Wilborn


Past Student Trustees

2020-2021 - Makayla Crain

2019-2020 - Olivia Bishop

2018-2019 - Robert Wolford

2017-2018 - Donyae Payton

2016-2017 - Skye Swearingen

2015-2016 - Mia Ismal

2014-2015 - Blas Nache

2013-2014 - Tanner Nygard

2012-2013 - Rachel Grzela

2011-2012 - Pam Eaves

2010-2011 - Joe Gembala

2009-2010 - Cristina Campos

2008-2009 - Brittany Manser

2007-2008 - Shalane Worden

2006-2007 - Paige Rohweder

2005-2006 - Paige Rohweder

2004-2005 - Meghan Kennedy

2003-2004 - Melissa Brown

2002-2003 - Tim Berry

2001-2002 - Jed Strom

2000-2001 - John Roberson

1999-2000 - Josh Gibb


For more information:

Office of Student Life

B 56, Student Center


Join as a Student Senator!

Students may join SGA as a student senator, if they do not wish to run for office and still want to be involved. A student senator serves as a voting member of SGA and as a voice for the Sandburg student community. Up to 15 students may serve as senators. Interested students may fill out the Student Senator Application below and submit it to Genny Stevens, SGA Advisor. SGA Executive Board will review the applications and select students to serve in SGA. The SGA Advisor can be contacted at 309.341.5332 or or Office B 56.

How to Become a Student Senator for SGA

Student Senator Application


SGA meeting dates and times are determined at the beginning of each semester. See the current semester meeting dates and times below. All students are encouraged to attend to discuss current campus issues, upcoming student events and student leadership opportunities. Guest speakers, including faculty/staff, are welcome to attend upon request or invitation by an SGA member. Can't make a meeting but would like to talk with an SGA member about your idea or issue? Email us your information at

2019-2020 General Assembly Meetings

First Monday of the month

12:15 p.m., E 200

  • October 7, 2019
  • November 4, 2019
  • December 2, 2019
  • No meetings in January
  • February 3, 2020
  • March 2, 2020
  • April 1, 2020 - Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • May 6, 2020 - Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic


April 2020 Elections

Candidate information and the link to the online voting page will be open to the campus for viewing and voting from Monday, April 20 through Thursday, April 30, 2020.

All Sandburg students currently enrolled during the Spring 2020 semester are eligible to vote for the candidates running for office.

Students interested in running for an SGA officer position should visit the SGA Executive Board tab for more information and candidate applications. 

Review the candidate profiles below; then click on the voting link at the bottom to cast your vote. For questions or more information, contact the SGA Advisor at


President Candidates:

 Joshua Hinkle



Secretary Candidates:



Click here to cast your vote!

(Link will open on Monday, April 20 and will close on Thursday, April 30 at 5 p.m. cst.)