Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees authorizes the president to organize the management of the college. The present structure of management consists of Academic Services, Student Services and Administrative Services. Each department is directed by an administrator who implements organizational values and serves as a liaison between the president and the staff of the department. The president, vice president of academic services, vice president of student services, associate vice president of academic and student planning and the associate vice president of administrative services form the president's cabinet.

The public is encouraged to attend any Carl Sandburg College Board of Trustees meetings. Follow the instructions below to join the meeting. 

  1. Teleconference dial-in: 309.205.3325 
  2. When asked for a code, please use the following ID: 879 8867 2720
  3. When asked for a password, please use the following: 5V^6@R3=
  4. When asked for participant ID, please press “#.”
  5. If you would like to view the Board of Trustees meeting via Zoom, view the video link.

Board meeting dates & agendas

2024 Board Meeting Agendas

2024 Meeting dates.


For information, email Darlene Smith-Donaldson, or call 309.341.5213. 

Subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees or the call of the chairperson.

^    Re-scheduled to accommodate the May 23-27, 2024 campus closure for electrical upgrades.
*    Scheduled to accommodate the 30-day review on the budget.
**  Meetings scheduled for the third Thursday at 7 p.m. in the A. Lewis Long Conference Room (E200), Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, IL.
*** Scheduled to accommodate the 20-day review on tax levies.

Special board meetings  

Emergency board meetings

Board meeting archives


Board of Trustees

Community College District 518


portrait of Eurales DeVone, a black man wearing a suit and tie. 

DeVone Eurales — Chair
Galesburg- Trustee Leadership Completion Date - 6/4/21
Elected 2021
Expires 2025


portrait of Gayla Pacheco, a latino women wearing a black and white checkered dress.              

Gayla J. Pacheco — Vice Chair
Galesburg- Trustee Leadership Completion Dates - 6/7/19, 6/4/21, 6/2/23
Elected 2009
Expires 2029



Joshua Gibb – Secretary
Wataga- Trustee Leadership Completion Date - 6/2/23
Elected 2023
Expires 2029 


portrait of Thomas H. Colclasure, a white man wearing a suit and tie.

Thomas H. Colclasure 
Galesburg- Trustee Leadership Completion Date- 1/27/22
Elected 1985
Expires 2027


portrait of Lee E. Johnson, a white man with glasses wearing a suit and tie.

Lee E. Johnson
Galesburg- Trustee Leadership Completion Dates - 6/7/19, 10/20/21, 6/2/23
Elected 2013
Expires 2025



Gayle Keiser, Ph.D.
Galesburg- Trustee Leadership Completion Date - 6/2/23
Elected 2023
Expires 2029


Jeff Whitsitt 

Jeff Whitsitt
Alexis- Trustee Leadership Completion Date- 3/14/24
Appointed 2023
Expires 2027


Smith Emma 

Emma Smith
Student Trustee