Branding guide & policies

Carl Sandburg College is a supportive community resource providing diverse educational opportunities and connections for academic, professional and personal growth in a friendly environment. We're committed to enriching the lives of our students and the communities we serve.

These characteristics should be reflected in the college’s brand, ensuring all public-facing communications look, feel, sound and act in harmony with the brand. To effectively communicate these characteristics, the style guide includes approved fonts and logos, color palettes with corresponding color codes. Policies regarding distribution and posting of printed materials (e.g., flyers, posters, handouts, etc.), social media posting policy and website style guide are also available.

Branding style guide

Social media policy

Campus posting policy

Postings are permitted on bulletin boards throughout Sandburg campuses; however, the materials must first be approved by Marketing. Postings are prohibited on glass surfaces, doors, painted surfaces, window and door frames, floors, building signs, light poles, automobiles, sidewalks and exterior surfaces of the college buildings.

Various committees, clubs and departments may post pertinent information on bulletin boards assigned to the department or club. These bulletin boards are managed by the specific academic program faculty or club members.

Contact Marketing with any questions.