Policy, Regulation & Procedure Manual


Preface and Introduction


Section 1 Board Policies

Policy 1.1 Policies, Regulations, Procedures

Policy 1.2 Governance

Policy 1.4 Quorum Majority Vote

Policy 1.5 Officers

Policy 1.6 Organizational Meetings Notice

Policy 1.7 Authority of Members

Policy 1.8 Board Committees

Policy 1.9 Minutes of the Meetings

Policy 1.10 Open Meetings

Policy 1.11 Closed Sessions

Policy 1.12 Duties and Responsibilities of the Governing Board

Policy 1.13 Firearms and Weapons

Policy 1.14  Diversity & Inclusion

Policy 1.15  Conflict of Interest


Section 2 Administrative Services Policies

Policy 2.1 Non-Faculty Classifications

Policy 2.2 Employee Evaluation

Policy 2.3 Grievances

Policy 2.4 Personnel Position Descriptions

Policy 2.5 Account Deposits

Policy 2.6 Investment of Funds

Policy 2.7 Food Service

Policy 2.8 Use of College Facilities

Policy 2.9 Use of College Equipment

Policy 2.10 Anti-Discrimination

Policy 2.11 Campus Solicitation

Policy 2.12 Bidding/Purchasing

Policy 2.13 Indemnification

Policy 2.14 Substance Abuse/Alcohol

Policy 2.15 Disability Compliance

Policy 2.16 Tobacco-Free Campus

Policy 2.17 Computer and Internet Acceptable Use

Policy 2.18 Campus Security

Policy 2.19 Ethics and Gift Ban

Policy 2.20 External Fundraising Activities

Policy 2.21 Student Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Policy 2.22 Employee Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Policy 2.23 Nepotism

Policy 2.24 Violence in the Workplace

Policy 2.25 Safety

Policy 2.26 Record Retention

Policy 2.27 Video Surveillance

Policy 2.28 Sex-Based Misconduct

Policy 2.29 Pregnancy Rights in the Workplace

Policy 2.30 Title IX

Policy 2.31  Whistleblowing

Policy 2.32  Family and Medical Leave Act

Policy 2.33  Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act

Policy 2.34 Trespass/Ban from Campus

Policy 2.35 Data Assurance

Policy 2.36 Student Complaints

Policy 2.37 Privacy

Policy 2.38 External Grant Funding

Policy 2.39  Qualified Employees

Policy 2.40 Employee Training 

Policy 2.41  Remote Work

Policy 2.42 Catastrophic Events

Policy 2.43  Naming Rights

Policy 2.44 Text Message Communication

Policy 2.45  General Communication, Marketing and Community Relations

Policy 2.46  Consensual Relationships


Section 3 Academic Services Policies

Policy 3.1 Advisory Committees

Policy 3.2 Copyright of Materials

Policy 3.3 Curriculum Development

Policy 3.4 First Amendment Guarantees

Policy 3.5 Student Records

Policy 3.6 Student Governance/Student Clubs

Policy 3.7 Admissions

Policy 3.8 Attendance

Policy 3.9 Prior Learning

Policy 3.10 Transfer Credits

Policy 3.11 Degrees and Certificates

Policy 3.12 Grading

Policy 3.13 Honors

Policy 3.14 Academic Classification

Policy 3.15 Academic Standing

Policy 3.16 Discipline

Policy 3.17 Talent Scholarships

Policy 3.18 Student Rights and Responsibilities

Policy 3.20 Financial Assistance

Policy 3.22 Copyright

Policy 3.23  Credit Hour

Policy 3.25 Institutional Review Board

Policy 3.26 Recruitment of Veterans

Policy 3.27  Academic Integrity


Section 4 Regulations

Regulation 1.2.1 Faculty Participation in Decision-Making

Regulation 1.11.1 Closed Sessions

Regulation 2.1.1 Fringe Benefits for Administration, Mid-Management, Secretarial/Support, and Physical Plant Staff

Regulation 2.1.2 Overtime

Regulation 2.1.3 Travel/Meeting Expenses

Regulation 2.2.1  Faculty Evaluation For Reappointment and Tenure 

Regulation 2.2.2 Tenured Faculty Assessment for Growth

Regulation 2.2.3 Faculty Mentoring

Regulation 2.4.1 Full-Time Faculty Duties and Responsibilities

Regulation 2.4.2 Counselors Duties and Responsibilities

Regulation 2.4.3 Instructional Program Coordinators Duties and Responsibilities

Regulation 2.4.4 Deans/Associate Deans

Regulation 2.4.5 Part-Time Instructors

Regulation 2.6 Investment of Funds

Regulation 2.8.1 Unattended Children

Regulation 2.12.1 Bidding/Purchasing/Disposal

Regulation 2.15.1 Communicable Diseases

Regulation 2.15.2 Working Service Animals

Regulation 2.16.1 Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy

Regulation 2.17.1 Data Access — Privacy and Security

Regulation 2.17.2 Identity Theft Prevention

Regulation 2.17.3 Use of the Web

Regulation 2.17.4 Use of Email and Password

Regulation 2.18.1 Campus Security

Regulation 2.19.1 Ethics and Gift Ban

Regulation 2.21.1 Student Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Regulation 2.22.1 Employee Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Regulation 2.23.1 Nepotism

Regulation 2.24.1 Violence in the Workplace

Regulation 2.29.1 Pregnancy Rights in the Workplace

Regulation 2.32.1  Family and Medical Leave Act

Regulation 2.33.1 Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act

Regulation 2.35.1 Access and Dissemination of Information

Regulation 3.3.1 Enrollment Management

Regulation 3.5.1 Student Records

Regulation 3.7.1 Residency In-District Tuition Rates

Regulation 3.7.2  Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health

Regulation 3.7.3 Assessment Retests

Regulation 3.7.4 Admissions

Regulation 3.8.1 Student Call to Military Duty

Regulation 3.16.1 Disciplinary Actions

Regulation 3.17.1 Talent Scholarships

Regulation 3.22.1 Copyright

Regulation 3.23.1 E-Mail Retention


Section 5 Procedures

Procedure Attending a Meeting by Phone or Video Conference

Procedure Reclassification of Administrators

Procedure Employee Request for Reclassification

Procedure Evaluation of Mid-Management, Technical, Clerical and Physical Plant Staff

Procedure Administrator Evaluation

Procedure Non-Faculty Employee Complaint Process

Procedure Employment of Contractual Faculty

Procedure Employment of Administrative Personnel

Procedure Employment of Mid-Management, Physical Plant Staff, Secretarial and Support Staff

Procedure Use of College Facilities

Procedure Discrimination Grievance

Procedure Allowability of Costs/Activities & Reporting

Procedure Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities 

Procedure  Procedure on Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Procedure HIPAA

Procedure Network Infrastructure

Procedure Identity Theft Prevention Program

Procedure Use of the Web

Procedure Club Memberships

Procedure External Fundraising Activities

Procedure Student Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Procedure Employee Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Procedure Nepotism

Procedure Violence in the Workplace

Procedure Emergency Procedures

Procedure Hazard Communication Program

Procedure 2.28.1 Sex-Based Misconduct

Procedure 2.31.1  Whistleblowing

Procedure Data Assurance

Procedure Framework for Addressing Concerns

Procedure  Remote work

Procedure 2.43.1 Naming Rights

Procedure 2.44.1 Text Message Communications

Procedure 2.45.1  General Communications, Marketing and Community Relations

Procedure Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Info

Procedure Assessment Retests

Procedure I Grades

Procedure Student Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Due Process

Procedure Assembly, Rally, or Demonstration

Procedure Branding Style Guide

Procedure Posting of Materials

Procedure Credit Hour

Procedure Qualified Faculty