Log in to mySandburg and college email 

mySandburg is your personalized, online account connecting you to all college information and services. It's important to begin checking it now, and continue to check it daily! 

Your mySandburg account is assigned when you're admitted to the college, as indicated in your acceptance letter. If you have issues logging in, please email Tech Help, or call 309.341.5446. 

Your user name is your first initial, last name and last four digits of your student ID (can be found on your admissions letter).

James Doe, Student ID #7654321
Username: jdoe4321@student.sandburg.edu

Your initial password is the last six digits of your Social Security number. You can reset your password in mySandburg.

Arrange to pay for your classes

  • WINTER tuition is due Tuesday, December 12, 2023
  • SPRING tuition is due Tuesday, December 12, 2023
  • SUMMER tuition is due Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Financial aid for the spring semester will be applied on or before November 28, 2023. Financial aid for the summer semester will be applied on or before April 23, 2024. Financial aid may include a Pell grant, MAP grant, talent grants and scholarships. Students who fail to pay for their classes by the tuition payment deadline and through the 100% refund period, will be removed from the class list. You may re-register for these classes (if they're still available), but payment in full is due at the time of registration. Talk with the financial aid office to ensure your financial aid is processed and applied to your account before the tuition due date.

Contact financial aid at 309.341.5283 or at finaid@sandburg.edu

If you do not receive financial aid, you may sign up for the payment plan for Spring or Summer at mySandburg under My Account. View detailed info on available payment options. 

Get your Sandburg ID card 

You'll receive your ID card at the Charge Up orientation or at the Public Safety office located in the B building. ID cards are mandatory and are required to access the following services:

  • Checking out books in the library
  • Using financial aid in the bookstore
  • Free access to the city bus
  • Free attendance into athletic events

For the Carthage branch campus, students are welcome to stop by the campus Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to process their IDs. Please check in at the main office.

If you're experiencing difficulty getting to campus, please email Public Safety, and they will direct you on how to obtain your student ID card.

Purchase your textbooks and supplies 

Take a copy of your schedule to the bookstore at least two to three weeks before classes begin or order online through the bookstore’s website. Keep the receipt in case you change classes.

Locate your required textbooks on your schedule. You'll need to know the section number as many courses have different section numbers. For example, PSY 101 102. 102 is the section number for this PSY 101 course. 

Some courses do not use books but instead use open education resources (OER); your instructor will provide links to materials. 

You'll need your books before you begin class, and budgeting for this expense is important. A biology book is more than $100, the lab is $92, a math book and access code are more than $100, and you cannot participate without both.

Here is the 411 on textbooks.

Attend Charge Up orientation 

During your registration appointment, your advisor will sign you up. Charge Up orientation will give you the important information you need to begin taking classes at Sandburg. 

If you missed orientation, view it on YouTube

Self-service menu

The self-service menu is the gateway to an abundant amount of information. When you select the self-service menu in mySandburg, you can view your schedule, financial aid information, billing statements and more.

Student planner

Student planner software keeps you on track to complete your degree or certificate. You can access the Student Planner through mySandburg. Advisors and students meet to select classes and assign them to semesters on the timeline. Before registration, advisors and students finalize and approve class sections in the course plan calendar. Once advisors approve the sections, you may register when registration opens.

'Student Success Planner'

The Student Success Planner is an academic planner filled with information and success tips that will help to keep you organized. They are available for free in the Student Services office. 

Waitlisted classes

If your advisor waitlisted you for a class, you'll receive a notification through your mySandburg email account when a seat in the class becomes available. To claim your seat, you must register for the section during the business day immediately following the date of the email by calling 309.341.5237 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. If you do not claim your seat, the seat reserved for you will be offered to another student.

To register, please call 309.341.5237 and state that you need to register for a waitlisted class. Please be sure to tell your advisor if you need to drop any other classes you no longer need.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the waitlist process, email is not a reliable method to register for your waitlisted seat. Please call 309.341.5237, and we will be glad to assist you!

Online classes

If you're taking online classes, your courses may not be visible until the first day of class in Moodle. Moodle is located in mySandburg, My Classes, Moodle home page. 

Here are a few tips to help you become successful in online classes. 


The Sandburg Foundation awards more than $100,000 through dozens of scholarships each year to help Sandburg students achieve their dream of higher education. Scholarship applications open on October 1 for the following academic year with a priority consideration deadline of March 15. Students may continue to apply through June 15 for secondary awarding. Applying for scholarships is free and open to anyone admitted to Carl Sandburg College. Some scholarships are based on academic excellence; many are based on financial need, residency, leadership, program of study, or other requirements. To apply, log in to your mySandburg account, go to Student Apps and click on the Scholarship Application button. You do not need to apply for each scholarship individually.

For more information, including a list of available scholarships and frequently asked questions, visit sandburg.edu/scholarships, call 309.341.5215, or email scholarships@sandburg.edu.

Attend, and get involved!

Class attendance is crucial to your success in the classroom, and participation in college activities will add to your overall experience. So, attend, and get involved!