Request for Non-Academic Disability Support Accommodations

Students or guests of Carl Sandburg College who wish to attend college-sponsored events or appointments, but who face accessibility barriers due to a disability, may use this form to request an accommodation. This form can and should be used for such occasions as graduation, visiting speakers, and Student Life events, or personal business on-campus such as advising appointments, club meetings, etc. This form does not take the place of a Letter of Accommodation for current students' academic accommodations, and Letters of Accommodation likewise do not necessarily ensure accommodation services at college events and appointments.

Please submit the completed form at least five (5) business days prior to the event. If an event is posted less than five business days prior to the event, then complete and submit the form as soon as possible; Carl Sandburg College will make all reasonable efforts to provide accommodations. For some accommodations, such as requests for sign language interpretation, more advance notice may be necessary; please complete and submit this form as early as possible.

If you need assistance completing this form, require an alternate version of this form, or have questions or concerns about the use of this form or the college's accommodation procedures, please contact

Stefani Gillen, Coordinator of Academic Support Services, at 309.341.5262 (TTY: 309.341.5400), or via email