PATH to TEAS Excellence Program

The purpose of the Sandburg Path to TEAS Excellence program is to ensure equitable access to placement test preparation for students interested in healthcare programs designated by Illinois as high demand. Sandburg's Path to TEAS Excellence program allows students in qualifying programs access to TEAS preparation materials at no cost to them. Candidates who are successful in the preparation portion of the program will then qualify for a free TEAS test via reimbursement. Candidates interested in nursing, radiologic technology, or dental hygiene and who submit this interest form will be placed on a waiting list, then extended access once their application is approved and has been processed. 

The Pipeline for the Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce (PATH) program, funded through an Illinois Community College Board grant, aims to serve, create, support and expand the opportunities for individuals in nursing and select healthcare pathways to obtain certificates and degrees, allowing them to enter and/or advance their careers in the healthcare industry. Programs served include nursing and radiologic technology. Sandburg has been approved to receive temporary funding from the Innovative Bridge and Transitions Grant to expand the Path to TEAS initiative to include potential dental hygiene students. 

Eligible programs

  • Nursing programs 
  • Radiologic technology
  • Dental hygiene


Directions for participation

Step 1: Complete the interest form.

Step 2: Qualifying students will receive login information to their Sandburg email around September. When you receive your email, be sure to update your password.

Step 3: Follow the link in the email to login and complete the TEAS Prep Basic package, including your two practice tests.

Step 4: Submit your practice tests to Students who score at least 55% on at least one practice test are eligible for reimbursement of their official TEAS test. To receive your reimbursement, attach a receipt for your official TEAS test with the drafts of your practice exams.

You may reach out to Valerie Hinderliter with questions.