All test takers are entitled to a quiet, comfortable testing environment that is free as possible from distractions. The Testing Center coordinator is responsible for preserving the quality of the test environment. To ensure an examinee is tested in an environment conducive to fair testing, the following rules will be observed:

  1. Examinees must identify themselves with a photo ID and sign the test roster before entering the testing room.

  2. Examinees will be assigned a seat for testing by the Testing Center staff.

  3. Examinees are not permitted to bring tote bags, food items, test books, notebooks, cellular phones, lap tops, hand-held electronic devices or other nonessential items to their assigned seats in the testing room.

  4. Examinees may not receive visitors, nor make or receive phones calls during tests.

  5. Examinees are not allowed to bring their children or others with them into the testing room. 

  6. Examinees may not leave the testing area until they complete their test. When scheduling an appointment, remember to allow yourself enough time to complete the test within the allotted time period. In addition, examinees should use the restroom prior to beginning their testing.

  7. The Testing Center will be monitored and recorded by video for the purpose of academic integrity.

  8. The following behaviors are prohibited. You will be asked to turn in your test, and it will be forwarded to your instructor if you are:

    • Looking at another examinee’s test
    • Giving or receiving assistance
    • Using unauthorized materials/aides
    • Disturbing other examinees