Carl Sandburg College has a mandatory attendance policy for all classes. If you don't show in class at least once during the first four days of the semester, you will be dropped from the course. Courses less than 16 weeks require attendance during the 100% refund period of the course. 


For online courses, attendance means participating in online discussions and/or assignments. Self-paced courses allow you to complete assignments throughout the semester but don't have specific due dates. Examples of self-paced courses include physical fitness and developmental math. You're required to complete an assignment or log in hours during the first four days of the semester to meet the attendance policy. 


If you can't attend during the first four days of the semester, you must contact the department offering the course to retain your seat in the class. If you're unable to attend due to an emergency or conflict of a serious nature, contact the instructor before the course start date. If one is not designated, contact the department. 

If you decide not to attend the course, drop the course during the 100% refund period. It's your responsibility to verify the course has been officially dropped and fees adjusted before the end of the drop/add period.


If you're dropped from a course and wish to re-enroll, you'll need instructor permission. Instructors have the right to deny you admission if the course is full or if it would be too late to make up missed work. Instructors need to verify attendance for students who add the course throughout the semester.