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Thanks for joining us on Sandburg's Financial Aid Resource page. We invite you to check out the videos, handouts and web resources provided here. Each drop-down bar contains one or more items to help you understand financial aid. 


FAFSA help

Sandburg is here to help you through the financial aid process. We invite you to watch our Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid video, which provides important information to guide you through completing your FAFSA®.



We also offer one-on-one assistance as part of our service to our community. We will help any student attending any college or university to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Schedule a FAFSA® one-on-one assistance via a Zoom virtual meeting or an in-person visit today:



For other questions:

We offer Zoom meetings for all other questions that don't fall into the realm of completing the FAFSA® through the same appointment button above. When signing up, please leave a brief description of why you're requesting a meeting so we can prepare any relevant information before your meeting. If you don't require a Zoom appointment, but still have questions regarding your financial aid, please refer to the Contact Us section below to get in touch with a Financial Aid representative. 


Financial Aid Office
Location: Main Campus E101
Phone: 309.341.5283
Email: finaid@sandburg.edu

Creating your FSA ID & recovering logins (1 video)

How to create your FSA ID: This video contains step-by-step instructions on how to create your FSA ID.

FSA ID worksheet: Please complete these documents (student and parent) when creating your FSA ID, and keep them for your own records. 

Steps to recovering FSA ID login: The video below explains what to do if you forget your FSA ID username or password.

The FAFSA application & process (4 videos)

Sandburg's detailed guide to completing the FAFSA: An in-depth tutorial to help you complete your FAFSA®.


Overview of the financial aid process: The video below gives an overview of the financial aid process.

What happens after the FAFSA®This video provides insight into what comes next and what to expect after filing your FAFSA®.

Need analysis and awarding aid: An in-depth breakdown of how financial need is calculated.

Additional resources: 

College cost comparison worksheet

Planning and budgeting for college (2 videos)

Budgeting: Learn about how to successfully create a budget while in school.

What does college cost? Learn about the true cost of college.

Additional resources:

Understanding student loans & repayment (4 videos)

Responsible borrowing: Learn about important information to consider before applying for a student loan.

Student loan repayment options: An in-depth look at each different loan repayment strategy and free resources for comparing your options.


Promise applications: Applying for Promise
  • Updates have been made to the Promise program beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. Please visit our Galesburg Promise and Sampson Promise pages for the most up-to-date information.