With the exception of Federal Work-Study, financial aid processed by the Financial Aid Office will automatically be disbursed to student accounts. The Business Office will automatically deduct incurred costs (tuition, fees, lab costs, and other authorized charges such as books and supplies, etc.) out of the financial aid credited to the student accounts. Any remaining financial aid is refunded to the student once the funds are available.

The Financial Aid Office will apply the aid to student tuition and fee charges approximately two weeks prior to the tuition deadline. If financial aid is not complete by the tuition due date, students will need to pay using their own resources. Check the balance due and financial aid using mySandburg. 

Payment schedule

Date grant applied to accounts
Tuition deadline
Balance checks mailed proxy
July 26
August 9
September 2
November 30
December 14
January 28


Calculating disbursement based on enrollment

Carl Sandburg College uses a 'freeze date' each semester to determine a student's enrollment status for awarding financial aid. The courses for which students are registered on the freeze date will determine financial aid eligibility. This means that if a student adds or drops classes before the freeze date, the amount of financial aid the student is eligible for may be affected. If classes are added or dropped after the freeze date, the financial aid will not change.

For students whose completed FAFSA® results are received after the freeze date, financial aid will be based on the student's enrollment on the date that the financial aid is awarded.

The freeze date is the 9th calendar day of the fall and spring semesters.

Book charges and other start-up costs

If financial aid (not including loans or MAP) exceeds the cost of tuition and fees, the excess will be available at the bookstore. Books may be charged to financial aid approximately three weeks before the start of the semester. Book charge dates are posted each semester located in the financial aid office, admissions and the bookstore.  

Students may choose book rental or e-books as a means to lower costs. ISBN numbers for required books are available under course selection and through the bookstore website. Carl Sandburg College makes a portion of the student’s grant aid available prior to the semester to help with the purchase of books, transportation and other start-up costs. Requests for early disbursement can be made by completing the Jump Start Disbursement Request.

Private scholarships

Private scholarship checks received by the college will be directly applied to the student account unless otherwise specified by the scholarship donor. Private scholarships will be listed as part of the aid package as an "outside scholarship." 

Developmental Classes

A student is limited to 30 developmental credit hours (classes with course number <100) while receiving federal financial aid. Federal financial aid programs will not cover any developmental courses taken after reaching a maximum of 30 hours.  

Repeated Courses

Students may receive financial aid for repeating courses. However, if retaking a previously passed course, financial aid can only be used for one repeat of the course.

Audits and Tested Out Courses

Audit hours and tested-out hours are not counted in the total number of credits for financial aid purposes.

Part-time Enrollment

Financial aid is adjusted for part-time enrollment based on program guidelines as outlined below.


Financial Aid Calculations by Aid Type & Enrollment

Pell Grant

Financial aid is adjusted for part-time enrollment based on program guidelines. For planning purposes, if registered for 9-11 hours Pell grant will be 3/4 of the amount, if registered for 6-8 hours grant aid will be 1/2 of the amount, and if registered for less than 6 hours grant aid will be approximately 1/4 of the total.

State of IL Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant)

The MAP award amount is based on 15 credit hours. MAP payment is calculated as follows:

Semester award ÷ 15 × enrolled semester credits. The minimum enrollment is 3 credits.

State of IL MAP Grants (Est) will be applied to student accounts once payment is received from the State.  

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study allows the student to work on campus to earn funds to pay educational expenses. It does not get credited to the student account. Students awarded Federal Work-Study are given the option to apply for on-campus jobs.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is distributed by payroll check twice a month for hours actually worked. The student must submit a signed time-sheet according to the payroll schedule.

Federal Direct Student Loan

Student loans are optional and require additional application steps and review to determine actual eligibility. Borrowing should be used as a last resort. If students wish to borrow a student loan, go to Financial Aid and Scholarships, then choose the Loans option and complete the steps below the heading "Apply for Federal Student Loan".  

Loans are applied to student accounts 10 days prior to the start of the semester and it will pay any remaining tuition and fees after grants. Excess loan funds are disbursed after the 30th day of each semester. Loans require a minimum of two disbursements with the second disbursement at the midpoint of the loan period.  Students must remain enrolled in at least six credits for the loan to be disbursed. 

Balance Checks

If grant aid remains after tuition and books are paid, the remaining funds will be mailed to the student approximately three weeks after the semester begins. Students may choose a direct deposit from mySandburg for electronic disbursement to bank accounts.

To use the Direct Deposit option:

  • Login to mySandburg
  • Click on "My Account" under Self-Service Menu for Students
  • Go to "Sign up for Direct Deposit for my Refund" to enter banking information and agree to receive funds electronically.