Student rights & responsibilities

Student rights — You have the right to:
  • Know how your financial need is determined, including the cost of attendance, and how your family contribution is calculated.
  • Know how and when you will receive student assistance.
  • Request an explanation of the type and amount of financial assistance you're receiving.
  • If you have a loan, know the type, the interest rate, the amount to be repaid, when you must begin repayment, and other cancellation and deferment provisions.
  • If you are offered a Federal Work-Study job, know the kind of job, what hours you must work, what your duties will be, and how and when you will be paid.
  • Discuss your financial aid package with a representative of the Financial Aid Office.
  • Know how the college determines if you're making satisfactory progress and what happens if you are not. 


Student responsibilities — You're required to:
  • Provide copies the college can keep of all documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office or other agencies.
  • Read and understand all forms that you are asked to sign and maintain copies of them.
  • Know and comply with all deadlines for application and re-application for financial aid.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) correctly, and submit it two to three months prior to the semester you plan to attend.
  • Follow up on any corrections or adjustments as requested.
  • Perform in a satisfactory manner any work agreed upon for Federal Work-Study jobs.
  • Notify your lender(s) of any changes in your name, address or enrollment status if you have a loan and complete and submit exit loan information.
  • Know and comply with the college's refund/repayment procedure.
  • Report any scholarship, fee waiver, loan, grant, employment earnings or other financial benefits, which you receive from any source other than Carl Sandburg College. Such benefits may result in a revision or cancellation of other financial aid benefits.


Address policy

The Registration Office maintains the student address files for mailing all official documents, including financial aid disbursements. Students must keep their mailing address, email and phone numbers up to date with the Registration Office.