Financial Aid Application Timing

It is the student’s responsibility to have financial aid in place or pay their tuition and fees by the tuition deadline. Keep in mind that financial aid can be a long process, so start early! 

  • It normally takes about 4 weeks to process your federal student aid application
  • And 7 - 10 business days once requested documents are submitted to Carl Sandburg College.
  • Loans take approximately 2 weeks to process once the loan request form is submitted.

Tuition is due to the Business Office approximately:

  • 3 weeks before each semester begins.

If your financial aid has not been processed by the tuition due date, you will need to pay in full or sign up for the College's payment plan.


To ensure that your financial aid is in place by the tuition due date, students should file the FAFSA by:

  • May 1 for the fall semester
  • October 15 for the spring semester (for new students who did not file a fall FAFSA)
  • March 1 for the summer semester.
If you are transferring your financial aid from another institution, please contact the Financial Aid Office on how to start the aid transfer process.


Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The Central Processing System (CPS) processor must receive a student's FAFSA by June 30. A paper FAFSA must be legible and mailed to the Federal Student Aid Programs' address listed on the FAFSA in time for the processor to receive it by the June 30 deadline. 

IVG Notice Of Eligibility

  • Fall term — January 15;
  • Spring term — May 25;
  • Summer term — September 15.

Notices received after the date and before June 30 of the following year will be submitted for payment. These claims may be prorated or unpaid, depending on the funds available.

Required Documents

  • The school must have verification documents and a Student Aid Report with a calculated EFC no later than 90 days after the last day of enrollment or August 15, whichever is earlier.
  • The college must receive all required documents while the student is still enrolled for the award year.

Special Conditions

Special Conditions applications may be submitted:

  • After April 1 and only after the student has been awarded or denied federal student aid based on the initial application.
Please go to the Financial Aid Forms page or contact the Financial Aid Office for a Special Conditions application. 

Student Aid Report

A school must receive a Student Aid Report with a calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) while the student is still enrolled for the award year. Applications that are rejected will not meet this requirement

Student Loans

  • The Student Loan Request must be submitted 20 working days prior to the last date the student is enrolled.
  • Promissory Notes must be signed within 20 working days from the last day of the semester.
  • Summer loans are processed for the semester.


MAP funds will be awarded as long as funds remain available from the state.

  • We encourage students to apply by December 1 in order to be considered for the State of IL MAP Grant.



Financial Aid Office
Location: Main Campus E101
Phone: 309.341.5283