If you fail to meet the satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards for financial aid due to a crisis situation, such as personal illness, or accident serious illness or death within the immediate family, or other circumstances beyond your reasonable control, the following steps may be completed to receive consideration for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.

  1. Complete the Financial Aid Appeal form. The appeal form requires you to provide a written explanation of your situation, and we recommend you provide supporting documents to verify your situation.

  2. Take classes at your own expenses to get back into good standing.



Appeals will be reviewed only for the current term through the midterm of the enrollment period. Appeals submitted after this timeframe will be reviewed for the following term.


Reviewing your appeal

  • A committee will review your satisfactory academic progress appeal, documentation and academic records to determine if your financial aid eligibility should be reinstated. The committee meets two or more times each month. You may call the day following the appeal meeting for the results, and you will be notified by mail once the decision has been made. 

  • Committee decisions may involve limiting your enrollment to part-time, limiting access to student loans, specifying courses you need to take, etc.

  • If you have already been awarded financial aid for the upcoming term, but your appeal is not complete or approved, your financial aid funds will be canceled.


Examples of extenuating circumstances that may be approved

  • You complete 100% of the classes you attempted with a 2.00 or higher but did not meet the cumulative requirements (approval not automatic).

  • A grade change sufficiently improves your status.

  • You have documented extenuating circumstances of sufficient duration and intensity that affected your academic performance.

  • You have identified the barriers to your academic success and have resolved those barriers.


Examples of circumstances that may be denied

  • Circumstances not of sufficient duration or intensity to have affected your academic performance

  • Recurring circumstances or barriers

  • Circumstances within your control

  • Circumstances that are not adequately documented, or did not affect the term you were not successful.


Reinstatement of financial aid eligibility

If your appeal is approved by the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Committee, and your financial aid eligibility is reinstated, you will be placed on either Probation or Academic Improvement Plan, depending on the amount of terms needed to meet the financial aid standards of academic progress.