• Financial aid disbursements are distributed to the student approximately two weeks after the start of class.
  • When payments on a student's account exceed the amount of tuition charged, a refund would be issued approximately two weeks after the date of that occurrence.

Financial aid disbursements, overpayments, or loan disbursements will refund however the payment is made.  If paid by cash or check, a check will be issued.  If paid by debit or credit card, a refund back to the card used will be made.  All checks will be mailed to the address on file unless the student has signed up for a direct deposit.  Direct deposit provides an electronic refund to the bank account of the student's choice.  It is important to keep student addresses and bank account information up to date to avoid any delays. 

Students who wish to have refunds automatically released to their bank account can Sign Up For Direct Deposit. Log in to your mySandburg account and click each of the areas listed below to enter your bank information:

  • Self Service Menu
  • Student Menu
  • Direct to Self Service
  • Banking Information
  • + Add an Account
  • Activate button (must click activate to go on to the next page)
  • Next button (to enter all your banking account information)
  • check the box to agree to terms to receive your funds electronically
  • Submit



Refunds will be determined based on the length of the course and the withdrawal date.  Students who withdraw after the refund date will not receive a refund. 
*Refund period refers to the number of calendar days beginning with the first day of the Carl Sandburg College term. Courses with shorter terms begin with the appropriate term date.


  • 9-16 week classes, a 100% refund is available if the student withdraws on or before the 9th calendar day of the term. 
  • 5-8 week classes, a 100% refund is available if the student withdraws on or before the 5th calendar day of the term.
  • 4-week classes, a 100% refund is available if the student withdraws on or before the 3rd calendar day of the term.
  • 2-3 week classes a 100% refund is available if the student withdraws on or before the 2nd calendar day of the term.
  • For less than 2 week classes a 100% refund is available if the student withdraws prior to the 1st calendar day of the term.

  **Community Education courses dropped the day before class starts receive a 100% refund.


Students who do not attend 60 percent of the semester and who have received Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Loans) to pay tuition, fees, or other institutional costs, will be responsible to repay part of the monies received. If you fail to repay the funds, you will not be eligible to receive federal aid at any college or university. The College follows the federal requirements for the repayment of Title IV funds. For more information about Losing Your Aid.



Sandburg provides students a period of time at the beginning of the semester to decide if they are able to continue with the course. Students should thoroughly review the course syllabus to ensure they are able to complete the course requirements and have the proper resources, including the required textbooks, online access codes, and technology when appropriate. Sandburg provides a full refund of tuition and fees if the student drops the course before the deadline date.

Deadline for 16-week courses - the first 9 calendar days of the course.

Deadline for 8-week courses - the first 5 calendar days of the course.

If the student experiences extenuating circumstances after the 100% refund deadline that will prevent them from completing the course, they may be eligible to appeal for a refund. Students must drop the course before they can submit an appeal. Students should submit the refund request form along with any documentation to support their claims.

Appeals will be considered on the basis that the student could not have anticipated the circumstances and the circumstances were out of the student's control. Third-party documentation should accompany all appeals.

The refund committee meets on or about the 20th of each month.  All students will receive a written response mailed within 30 days after the final date of information being received. 

No refund request form will be considered once the term is over and grades are posted.